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  1. Happy 280th birthday! 🎈🎈
  2. Do I still have to show you my tits? 😬

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    2. Pappa FAT

      Pappa FAT

      are you mojo/warchild?

    3. CatatonicKitty


      Mojo warchild....ummmm no.....but I am a fighter so I guess I could be 

    4. Pappa FAT

      Pappa FAT

      post your tits and ill find out if you are, its for investigational purposes.

  3. Shit....before we can fully solve this mystery, we need to find out what happened to Carol Baskin’s husband....
  4. What part of the world are you from, if you don’t mind me asking....
  5. I’ve felt that pain before, it’s brutal.....but it doesn’t last.
  6. You could superglue her car doors shut, put her email on every mailing list known to man, explain to her new Bf that herpes is only contagious during an outbreak ect ect ect....Orrrrrrrr... Keep being super real and genuine and let time do it’s thing....heal. It will happen, you will get over her.
  7. George Michael died suddenly, one second he’s alive and well and the next...WHAM! ...he’s gone ...
  8. I used to have the biggest crush on George Michael....I didn’t understand at the time that I never stood a chance.
  9. Don’t discount the siren voice of ‘Tiffany’
  10. What do you mix your Vodka with?  I prefer mine with tears and shitty music...

  11. “One misses the days when ones biggest concerns were exploding wino penguins”
  12. You know what privileged is?  It’s when you don’t finish your beer because you know there’s going to be more. 

  13. Fucking love this psycho movie....one of the best
  14. http://music.apple.com/us/album/no-hard-feelings/1440843589?i=1440843607
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