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  2. You can't even spell M-A-T-I-R, if I have zika you may have corona virus?
  3. Don't be so naive, a random gameplay by mafia is a great strategy. It's so good that they had us townies killing eachother for 4 days.
  4. Can anybody explain to me why mafia roleblocked magisme, instead of blocking "doc" Bill Brasky and killing magisme? Can it be that the real doc is playing smart, and knows that if he claims to be the doctor, is going to get roleblocked and get magisme killed?
  5. yes, they both are clean. I only say: SL is an awful town
  6. The only role SL is good for is mafia, as town he's totally incompetent. He promoted the lynching of Facekicker, nearly gets magisme killed and now he's promoting my killing (as he was one of the first to vote me. KFC doesn't count as he contributed enough with his chase to uruguns).
  7. You come up with so many stupid ideas but you never thought that a mafia (uruguns) could simulate complicity with a town so that everyone thinks of them as allies: if town dies, mafia will look innocent. If mafia dies, townie will look dirty. It's a win win strategy
  8. Uruguns' posting pattern consists of 80 pages of trash, meanwhile Salsh's is less than 20 pages. Let alone that if he took part of any conflict, it was among just a few people. That few people is likely to have killed him fearing a snowball from Salsh accusations And I stand by my opinion that looking at uruguns' pattern is a mistake, it's looking at 80 pages of votes, unvotes, silly fights and lot of shit. The only thing I can make of all his posting is his fight with KFC, which makes me think he is town
  9. It's a mistake to look at uruguns' posting patterns, we nees to look into Broski's pattern and deduct why he was assassinated. Who was Salsh going after?
  10. I'm pissed off at everyone who distrusted me. It looks like I have to get lynched to prove my innocence and your lack of grey matter. However, as townie I have the duty to clear your doubts. The only accusation worth responding is Strangelove's, the other ones seem idiotics If I were mafia and joined specifically gnfnr discord server to communicate (nonsense by the way), I would never have proposed to play mafia in discord... With all the existing means of communication such WhatsApp (which I use irl), would I use Discord? Don't be that innocent
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