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  1. 30 % he is mafia Or 10 % he is a doctor Unvote/vote: Facekicker Good luck
  2. I already mentioned who are my suspects: 1. Bill Brasky 2. Uruguns 3. Popcorn I would bet anything that BB is mafia. What I'm sure of is tha mafia is manipulating us in a way that we are so fragmented that we can't even vote someone. This makes me think that there is a pro inside team-mafia.
  3. The manipulation that KFCBullshit exerted towards Strangelove is surprising. Strangelove went from being suspicious of KFCBullshit to become a minion of him, amazing.
  4. If they stand up we'll have a 100% guaranteed mafia kill
  5. I love KFC's contributions, he's one of the most committed players. However, I can't deny that his tremendous effort makes me think that he was assigned a very significant role in this game
  6. Thanks for proving me coherent throughout the game.
  7. I avoided the lynching of magisme, what have you done? Besides accusing without arguments?
  8. It's a bad idea. Mafia would have it all served
  9. well, like Brasky said, our next step is to wait until "another" cop shows up. Then we'll lynch magisme. IF magisme turns out cop-town, we'll finally lynch on day 3, to whoever claimed to be cop
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