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  1. i befriended a gypsy once and let him into my home and he stole my tin of beans
  2. when @Dr. Strangelove spews out bullshit that's what i say to myself
  3. is the pitman synth fart the same synth from rocket queen 2002? the drumming is really not that great all i hear is a china cymbal it must be frank drumming cause no one likes that cymbal more than him
  4. wait is this from the 2010 album? i hear that is the pitman solo album
  5. it means he didn't think soul monster leaked and i also agreed with him
  6. cause i'm not towel and you assume that you are right just cause you say you are and towel might be a dick but you have a disturbing amount of self entitlement just cause you own a discord server so stop with the finger pointing and stop accusing me of being someone else just to get me banned cause you dont like me
  7. i'm not towel and i haven't reported shit did you even look at who sent the strike or did you assume someone that you hate? you are a very hateful person but wont admit it cause deep inside you know it
  8. they aren't it's a hoax and a very unoriginal hoax they done this 2 years ago with atlas saying that it leaked and no one believed them and no one cared anyway so it's kinda getting boring
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