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  1. fuck me I didn't know Ragnar would have went that low but after all he is a inbred gypsy that's normal to them and probably normal to @maynard also
  2. jesus that makes him sound like a pedo wait is he a pedo?
  3. nah im only wondering cause on here he is always calling everyone a faggot and saying he fucks everyones wife what happened to him?
  4. I looked at that photo for about a minute wondering why did he post that? then I realised you are referencing the discord troll who shall not be named
  5. i have been wondering in 2001 when axl came back his voice didn't sound as deep as it did on the uyi tour and mens voices tend to get deeper as the years go on so what was up with his voice?
  6. @evader put shacklers vocals on top off dub suplex that sounds more like shacklers than shanklers does
  7. lol cobain was a miserable human that basically gave kids a message that meant kill yourself there is no hope in life
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