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  1. AFD cross 4 sided dildo i buy on humor alone, but anything else can fuck off
  2. "It was a long time for me It was a long time for food" Was written about Axl's wait at the McDonald's drive-thru window upon the re-release of the fabled McRib sandwich.
  3. Yet he did release throw away trash; an album of cover songs and Chinese Democracy. I'm not a fan of foo fighters or Dave Grohl, so you couldn't pay me to listen to that. If he was doing something new or innovative, I could see justifying some sort of wait for new material, but he's not. GnR music has gotten progressively worse since the inception of the band.
  4. CD wasn't NuMetal, it was FATmetal. It just sounded like UYI leftovers and a few industrial sounding songs to try to sound modern - or at least what modern would have been in 99-02. Axl's strongest suit is the cringey piano ballad, but we're in an era where Elton, Billy, Queen and even the fat man himself have penned enough cringey piano ballads that nobody asked for, nor wanted any more of them. There's nothing original or unique about CD - and we're in an era of music where it doesn't pay to try to be original or unique. I don't know who decided that Gun
  5. Only the jokes that come along with them. They're like the closest thing to Spinal Tap we'll ever see. Hope they open for a puppet show this year.
  6. This is great. I tend to sing along to most songs in a fat axl voice when I'm listening to music. This brings it to life
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