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  1. beach road chicken dinner menu
  2. Had some tailgating for Guts n' Rolls in 2016. It's fucking repugnant. Tastes like bottom of the barrel wine mixed with grape kool aid. It's pretty difficult to locate, but it's out there. I got mine in New Jersey
  3. A holiday where a big fat red man goes into your house and eats all your cookies. Sounds ridiculous.
  4. Weiland would be having a field day with Slush and Doof. And yes - if he were still alive, those two cock goblins would be back in GNR. It's always been about the money.
  5. Three way tie. If all three of them have no spine, they're all spineless. At least you can argue Dizzy isn't really doing it solely for excessive financial gain. He's been with this fat circus through the skinny, fat, braided, bloated, mustachioed, bowlcut and everything inbetween. On the payroll puppet? Sure. Slash and Duff have zero conviction. Went crawling back to the fat man when the money was right, behind no intention of recording any music and a fat ginger lesbian Mickey mouse impersonator on vocals. Anyone of their stature with any dignity would have never even considered it. The ship has long sailed. Dizzy doesn't really have many other better options.
  6. Should throw one of these on stage next time Fats N' Bloateds roll into town
  7. Not even being a dick, but if I sounded like this big of a pussy singing, I wouldn't sing. Retire GNR. If you want to continue your music career, go a similar route as Johnny Cash did. Cover some songs in a lower register on your fat piano or something. The GNR songs sound repulsive. Sweet child goes from a sweet love song to being downright creepy. You could be mine goes from a sleazy, dirty rock song to an absolute joke. Don't even get me started on slither. They sound checked this and thought this was a good idea? YAAAA HEEE COMMM DA WAAA-TAAA. Fuck off, fatty.
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