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  1. The soundboard is fucking atrocious. I do miss when the fat man actually used to talk to the crowd instead of just stand there like a fat sedated lump
  2. I actually have a pretty favorable opinion of NuGNR, but the amount of good songs on Chinese was disappointing to say the least. Even the ones that were good were beaten into the ground by the time the album dropped.
  3. It's mediocre like most of CD. I didn't mind some of the earlier live versions, but then as most of the songs were, it was raped and overproduced on the record. It's one of the mickiest songs. The lyrics are fucking stupid. I'm actually ok with stupid lyrics, but if this was released in 1999, I'd have been ok with it. The fact that pile of shit songs like this, and if the world took 2 decades to release, that's the embarrassing part.
  4. Does axl need to butter himself up to fit into his jeans every night
  5. I'm so queasy(queasy) And everybody's buying the TP, baby I'm so queasy(queasy) When everybody's buying the TP So queasy I really need some TP I just took one bite Now I'm shitting all night
  6. How many times has Axl visited a wuhan wet market?
  7. You have a lot of artists doing different things, and what do I expect this fat band to do? Sit around doing nothing until they can tour again, show up even fatter with the same fat setlist.
  8. Very mickeyish. He was a twat in 2001. Not that much has changed
  9. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  10. If Axl did that, I'd probably rinse my eyes out with bleach.
  11. It's like axl in his chair when he broke his fat leg
  12. Can fatcon 1's happen in quarantine?
  13. Finding clothes that fit probably takes some creativity
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