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  1. I find it hard to consider anything GNR without any vocals or lyrics. Let's face it, as good as some of the instrumentals sound, Axl has potential to ruin a whole lot of them. Shackler isn't a bad track musically; neither is If The World, or Scraped, but the vocals and lyrics make them utter shit. A lot of this stuff sounds like it would be in the high range, which is where Axl suffers these days.
  2. I own every single lithograph and concert t-shirt from the NITL tour. I have wallpapered my entire house with them.
  3. It's stood for a lot over the years; wig, whiny...
  4. All these years, the W. in W. Axl Rose must have stood for Willow.
  5. Jesus Christ, he does look like Warwick Davis.
  6. He sounds ok on the deeper parts, but the highs sound like herbert the pervert from Family Guy. Best we're getting from the fat fuck at this point.
  7. If - big if we ever get anything new, I doubt it has any of Bucket or Robin's parts, but if they use the older material, they will likely have to get some sort of songwriting credit in the line notes. It would be a joke(which is exactly what I've come to expect from this fat wig band) if we got an album and it was all rehashed shit Axl has been sitting on for two decades that didn't make the cut for chinese. I fully expect a few songs - like obviously Hardschool, which has appeared on setlist, to be on the record.
  8. I skimmed through it. A lot of stuff we already knew or assumed with good reason. I remember when this used to be a Rock N' Roll band, not a travelling freak show and soap opera. Of course any time you're dealing with a band, they become your family. There is always gonna be drama, and typical human bullshit, but some of the shit with this band is just too much.
  9. Yeah, a lot of gibberish
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