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  1. Axl and Vince together, a modern Ebony and Ivory, only "Flab and Fat"
  2. It's sounded like they've been owned by disney for about a decade.
  3. That's his natural range though. The problem with his vocals is that his trademark Axl "raspy" voice is not natural. He is actually pretty low on the register.
  4. Of course he likes it, it's a thin falsetto(about the only thing that is thin on him these days), that doesn't put a lot of stress on his voice. He seems to punch it in a few moments on the set; notably Nightrain, and that's about it.
  5. I think 2006 was kind of a holy shit moment for most of us; Axl sounded great, they were expanding the setlist, they were starting to look more like an actual "band" and not a freak show. Mostly the vocal quality - Axl was in great vocal form, considering 2001-02 wasn't his most shining moment. To me it all comes down to vocal quality; the GNR "Brand" revolves around Axl's unique voice and singing style. When you hear people talk about "rasp" - yeah, it is kind of a big deal. That's the GNR brand that we all grew up listening to and why we became fans of this band in the first place. The rawness and power of his voice in his prime was a huge selling point to me on the sound of this band. Understanding that he is at an age where his voice isn't gonna get any better, and it is what it is at this point - knowing that they will likely never release a new record, I'd rather them just retire than continue this tired old cash grab. However, when people are still paying to see it, there is no point of them stopping.
  6. Pretty much the nail on the head; I felt 2001 was acceptable, mostly for Bucket. He was a joy to listen to play. Axl sounded like Mickey shit. 2006 and 2010 were his peak years. I went to three shows during the first NITL leg; FedEx, and both MetLife shows, and felt they were decent. It was downhill on the next leg - right around the time they started covering shit like Slither, BHS and Wichita.
  7. I could understand where it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. I felt he did the songs justice and put in more effort than he's put into his own band in several years. I'm not the biggest AC/DC fan to begin with. I just wish he would put forth more effort into Guns. I think the inFATuation with Axl/DC is simply the fact it was something different as opposed to Easy, Brownstone, Chinese, Jungle, etc...etc... for the 75th straight year. That's all. He pulled out some Bon Scott deep cuts on that tour, which was pretty enjoyable.
  8. There was really no coming back from Rio 11 or Bridge School. Someone probably told him after those debacles to get slash back or quit. Even though he still sucks, Slash adds instant credibility to the brand. Nobody outside of us with functioning hearing seems to care that he sucks, all because it's Slash and Axl. The money speaks for itself. He was legitimately sounding like Axl Rose in 2006-2010 and nobody gave not one morsel of a fuck because you had no Slash. I went to some shows in 2006, and the arenas were 1/3 empty, while Ax and his ponytail wig sounded phenomenal.
  9. He actually seemed to give a fuck about Rock or Bust.
  10. Faxl is all about that bass.
  11. I'm a guy who will buy something stupid for 20 bucks. Not $100. If it were fat raincoat Axl with a santa hat, count me in for 2 at $100.
  12. After christmas, will probably be extremely discounted, as nobody without severe brain damage is paying that.
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