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  1. Would love to see #fuckbobezerin trend on twitter
  2. I think the leaks are an inside job (not Pittman) because they know Axl has thrown in the towel. The leaks are a distraction from the upcoming tour.
  3. Can someone quickly recap tonight's events for me. Was at a party. Is elvis soul monster? And does it exist w vocals or just instrumentals? And does zodiac exist w vocals? Ty
  4. Axl could gave completed gnr 2.0 w a proper cycle from 2001-2006 Such a shame
  5. Axl's Writing Style/Themes/Lyrics 2010+ Do you think we will see a change in Axl's lyrical content and overall musical sound on anything written post lets say 2010 ? Its apparent with the leaks and Chin Dem that Axl had a certain sound and writing style in mind. Wondering if he will show a change in his lyrical content since those sessions/years?
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