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  1. Brian as in brain. I can neither conform nor deny if he diddled a young Melissa. If i took a edumacated guess, id say there prob was some candy exchanged.
  2. Ohh im shitastic!! Just thought id chime in on this topic on good ole Brian getting brain from Melissa.
  3. He left his wife & ds kid to be with melissa.
  4. I buy a chance to punch the artist formerly known as Walker in the throat, or to watch russtcb do a sit up.
  5. Perla likes to drink with her kids at shows also. (Both kids). Slush fell off that wagon long ago. I also heard eddie trunk one time bragging about this stuff trying to impress some bimbo at a bar & grill. The girl looked like an ugly teenager too. Im pretty sure i heard it say its name was madaline.
  6. I dont give a fuck what it calls itself these days, its still going to get a fist in its cock holster!
  7. She looks like she got hit in the face with a frying pan!!! Whats her name, maddy?
  8. Just go to a liquor store in the ghetto. Itll be right next to the thunderbird.
  9. I can honestly say i enjoy rip taylor alot more than i enjoy axl rose these days.
  10. Axls neck is getting as big as corey taylors, while everyday hes looking more & more like rip taylor!!!
  11. They should have just used a real picture of Melissa since she already looks like a skeleton
  12. I just watched mask!!! This must be a pic from a deleted scene. Damn i still wanna fuck cher!!! Rocky dennis lives!!!
  13. Really depends what kind of horror your looking for? If you want a creepy haunted house movie. Id suggest "hell house llc". If you want gore id say "serbian film". If you want something different id say "the last circus". But if you didnt like "the exorcist" , id say maybe horror isnt for you.
  14. Your gf & new gnr music have something in common!!! Neither one of them exist!!!
  15. I watched this movie a few months ago and after it was over I pretty much just wanted to kill myself.
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