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  1. They should have just used a real picture of Melissa since she already looks like a skeleton
  2. I just watched mask!!! This must be a pic from a deleted scene. Damn i still wanna fuck cher!!! Rocky dennis lives!!!
  3. Really depends what kind of horror your looking for? If you want a creepy haunted house movie. Id suggest "hell house llc". If you want gore id say "serbian film". If you want something different id say "the last circus". But if you didnt like "the exorcist" , id say maybe horror isnt for you.
  4. Your gf & new gnr music have something in common!!! Neither one of them exist!!!
  5. I watched this movie a few months ago and after it was over I pretty much just wanted to kill myself.
  6. Perfect timing!!! Now you can order him the book!!!!
  7. As Mr. Nelsons tax rep i will be sending you a. C & D shortly. If you choose to ignore it, I'm sure you could pitch a reality show.
  8. Im hoping most of these are joke answers, if not Some of you have absolutely shitty taste in music! (This comming from a guy with juggalo in his name, so i should know!!)
  9. How can you "get back into" when you never stopped?!?
  10. Under your copy of Chinese democracy!! (Nobody would ever pick up that album to look).
  11. Because he's too busy quacking over what donald says on twitter. Because If he wasnt, well he'd feel a lil' goofy.
  12. I thought this was gonna be a story on ricardo!!!! Damn!!!
  13. Ok. So this story goes back a little bit, SO HERE WE GO......... Tommy found out birdman was selling some motley crue stuff that he wanted back. Tommy & birdman got in contact so tommy could get back some of his prized motley crue stuff back. ( whether it was big mac boxes signed by vince, or nazi flags signed by nikki, who knows. Who cares) birdman told tommy about how much money this gnr stuff was bringing in. Tommy told birdman he had "alot more stuff". So they decided there were gonna add a hard drive to this "locker". They were gonna double dip (or even dip more) their chips again. (As birdman did with the previous stuff). Well before they could even set up the party platter, someone started playing the music at the party early. Needless to say tommy got spooked & pulled out faster than fearthejuggalo usually last with women. ( & thats fast!!) So we fast forward to now. With all the chaos in the world, the used car business isnt booming & unfortunately Vince left all those Big Mac boxes empty. So tommy decided to give this another (money) shot. They couldnt get their asking price, so birdman decided to go "public" with this story because he knew he could get his price from certain "outlets." Well needless to say, after the fish bit he needed to then tell the "real" story about his "made up hard drive". Well there u have it kiddos! & on a side note president trump needs to hire the guy that worked in the village studios at the time to get the cure for covid, since this guy was able to time travel & put the music on a flash drive (that didnt exists at the time!!) So birdman could sell it to ricardo!! The end!!!?!
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