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  1. Kanye just announced on twitter that he's running for president
  2. I'm going to start a Christopher Nolan rewatch leading up to Tenet
  3. Sad to see this topic became a retarded echo chamber for some of you morons edgelords
  4. They are going to make a deal and she's going to blame everything on Epstein. Blame the dead guy and everyone walks with their hands clean
  5. They should live stream the feed from her cell so we can keep an eye on her well being
  6. Watched Driver yesterday. It was shit
  7. Rick has in fact said he bought this things afaik for over a month now, maybe even two (around the same time Fernando went on discord). Allegedly. Everyone ITK thinks he got addicted to the attention he got and is seeking more attention and shit-fame whoring by now lying about having more songs. The only people who thought Rick was saying the true were towel and the other half a dozen people on his server.
  8. One of those criteria PLUS confirmed contact with a positive tested covid case or a positive from some test other than that one that I assume is the best/legit one. Once again, sounds like a good way to save on the limited amount of testing they can do
  9. not really true. First of all, sniffles != covid headache + confirmed contact with an identified case = covid seems pretty logical to me
  10. I probably said that exact sentence to argue someone that thought you can't catch corona as long as you use a mask. People around me really have trouble understading how different maks work. I guess thats partially on me. I suck at explanning. I definitely recall having that convo on n95 vs normal surgical mask with nate on discord and why we should gift masks to health workers instead of getting them for ourselves when there werent many on stock. Is there some new rhetoric that I often change opinions now?
  11. Read the small notes. "If they develop symptoms or if any other lab (nto PCR) is positive for COVID-19" Sounds to me like a sound way to save on actual tests.
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