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  1. Its Millwall though. They don't care if what they are doing is right or wrong. They just want to be assholes about anything and everything
  2. lmao, this was hilarious. Literally first game with people back on the stands and Millwall's same old retarded fans do this. Even funnier was them saying later that they were 'booing racism' LOL
  3. I think the confusion here comes because you looking at when the US banned travel from China (the country) but iirc he banned travel from Wuhan itself a week or two prior to that. And even before that, the US started to take temperature and the likes from people who were traveling from Wuhan and there were a lot of racist remarks about that.
  4. He should create another GNR Discord server
  5. I'm pissing a lot today. Not sure why, but yeah
  6. Disappointing at the lack of jew borat He has been screeching about Cobra Kai for a couple weeks now. Its based, but funny
  7. I never really liked or followed Jordan Peterson, but last I heard he was going through a really hard time on some sort of addiction issue. Adderall maybe? Don't really remember, but he's been gone for a bit now
  8. Didnt like half of the Dems not show up on Trump's inauguration?
  9. He gets banned like every 2 weeks though. Tbh Trump had 4 years to do something about big tech and media and did jack shit
  10. Agreed. I was in need of a good bougie show ever since House of Cards turned to shit
  11. Finally watched all of Succession during the Holidays. No idea why I took so long to start it, what a show!
  12. Or Steven's bad back. Either way, I rather they shorten the shows with the current band anyways. Maybe Axl wont be as shit
  13. http://banned.video/watch?id=5ff63502f23a18318ceb28a7
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