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  1. I own 1/4th of a 08 Chevrolet Aveo
  2. Yeah same for me. I way more excited for AJ on JRE than I would ever be to a new half-assed GNR album
  3. http://streamable.com/yb0u0o AJ PREDICTED BLM RIOTS AND COVID 19 IN 2017!!!!1!!1! The breakaway civilization is real
  4. I'm not sure of whats going on, but did the text need to be green?
  5. That's not true at all: http://openai.com/about/ Tesla is a huge threat to the oil companies and I have no doubt there's been oil money used to propaganda against him since he's started. He also seems to be very anti-establishment, so there must be some anti-Musk propaganda coming from there some were. Case in point, this is from last week: Tesla employee turns down $1 million, works with FBI, and helps thwart a planned cybersecurity attack on Giga Nevada This aren't some random edgy teens trying to hack shit just because. Someone really tried to pay a Tesla employ
  6. Alex Jones says he's going on JRE in the very near future. Odds on him being the first guest on Rogan's new Texas studio?
  7. 2020 and some people still think Elon is not the real deal lol
  8. JRE is dead. Make sure to download "Alex Jones Returns" before it gets deleted on December 1st
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