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  1. Fucking legendary shit on page 27. I'm crying. This FatApp really shows up what a fat joke is shitty straw hair is. How about a Faxl Stay Puft? Preferaby holding junk food whilst storming through Chink town.
  2. I wouldn't vote for that demented old pedophile, Camel Harris, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex and Ilhan Cuntmar if Axl flew to my house and gave me the vault on a silver platter. But I would do it for a few polaroids of Beta's big juicy tits to wank over.
  3. I can't find the 'LolNewAlbum' thread. Iron Maiden have a new live album out in November. That will be their TWELFTH live album since Use Your Illusions.
  4. If this was the villain in a new slasher kids would never sleep again.
  5. Can one of these fat pics also have some twenty year old models in for the true irony?
  6. I still check in every day, there's just not much to say anymore. I almost miss Fat Cunt's SJW tweets.
  7. You bastard. I've just got in late from work, my housemate is asleep, I'm sat on the bog trying to shit last night's curry quietly then I see this epic post and spontaneously erupt in laughter whilst sharting like the Trumpets of Jericho, brotherr. Good work, lad.
  8. Interesting that he says nothing about Ashba, because presumably there's nothing positive to say. I know Axl is loyal to shit Frank but when he's supposed to have such a good ear for music and pick up on the smallest shit, how can he tolerate him?
  9. Lol@ DDJ with absolutely zero shots, let alone close-ups, of Fat Lad. What a trollop.
  10. It would have been interesting to hear TIL and Prostitute in 2002 since he recorded them clean and would have sung them like the record. But I personally HATE the album vocals of both with all the multi-layering which strips them of emotion to me, feels to synthetic and artificial. There isn't a single live TIL from 2009-2010 that doesn't blow the album out of the water to me.
  11. Not to be pedantic but I just checked them all and London 2012 has Frank and Fortus goofing off and then Axl smiling and goofing which completely takes me out of it, don't see the emotion. Also can't see him almost breaking down at the end of the other two at all.
  12. Springsteen is putting out a full E Street Band album on October 23rd. Video just gone live. In the 30 years that Axl has made one record, Springsteen gas released literally tens of CDs of music, new and vault.
  13. I think it was just a press release at the time of OMG's release in 1999. It'll be up at HTGTH.
  14. When was that? I could be completely wrong but I don't recall ever seeing any pics of him looking like that during 06-10 when he still gave a shit.
  15. That story made me sad. Such a waste of talent, a life and 30 years. Feels like we got a record and 3 years of good bootlegs out if it and that's it (06,07,10).
  16. This reminded me of that utterly insane drivel Alex wrote in the liner notes for the alt booklet gimmick. That and the Oh My God explanation is up there with his most batshit stuff.
  17. Okay, so Orlando 2016 was really good and not a million miles from 2010, plush Slash sounded into it. Probably the best solo i've heard, although I haven't listened to many, just noticed he clearly became less interested as time went on. Here he was actually playing something that went with the melodies instead of just wanking. Argentina 2011. Again, not too far off 2010 once his voice warmed up but not close to stuff like Gelredome, London Bucharest etc. London 2012. Yikes. Soundboard really shows him up. He doesn't even get a pop after the first chorus from the crowd
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