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  1. They're advertising it with the fucking Appetite Cross. The original, not the blue-haired pinball shit. Point is, no new record in 2021. Meanwhile AC/DC and every other fucker has managed it.
  2. Thanks, boys, I needed a good laugh.
  3. I think it was an interview with Del James, maybe. I don't know but around 2012 possibly?
  4. Yeah, all the above. My last shred of respect or sympathy of any kind towards him went out the window with "the same idiots who've been around forever asking for an album" or whatever unbelievable shit he said. Go to hell, fat prick.
  5. The utterly vile witch-bitch was directly involved in the "Leaving Neverland" fake-news hit-piece which aired the same day at Sundance as a factually accurate film on Oprah's close, personal friend Weinstein whose earlobe she liked to suck in public whilst offering up starlets to. She even also hosted a watch-party with her witch-bitch friend Gayle King and Bruce Springsteen aboard SuperJew David Geffen's $300m yacht. MJ was always 100% innocent. As I said, the truth is all easily available. If you've put in literally thousands upon thousands of hours into research as I have since
  6. Fucking bullshit fake news. Doesn't take much research to understand that MJ was 100% innocent.
  7. I like the songs but pick virtually any decent live version from 2006-2010 and it's better than the record. Same goes for most of the album bar Rhiad, Prostitute and Scraped.
  8. Trump 2020. Red wave Landslide, please.
  9. I used to check the Gyna first thing every morning for years and years in case leaks or news. Then I realised how woke and faggy most posters there are and now I probably look once a month for two minutes. Having said that, even there they're pretty realistic about the state of Shit Band, toy trucks, takedowns, lame YT vids etc But i'm not even gonna start on the absolute pussy mods. Fucking Downs Syndrome.
  10. "I'm seeing a lot of confusion on these chubby Whataburger faces." Best heel line and most legit heel heat on a national wrestling tv show since probably the Hart USA vs Canada shit. I can almost forgive her for being a Democrat fag. But then, so is almost everyone in the entertainment industry with a blue tick.
  11. Give In To Me is the only thing Slash has done outside Guns that's as good as or better than Guns.
  12. Dunno who is bitching about us rinsing the piss out of Fat Band but it's 100% on them. Put out a fucking single or EP on iTunes and we'll stfu for five minutes.
  13. "Bon Jovi Can Suck My Dick." We found help after New Jersey and a couple of years off to realise that it wasn’t us, it was it. We regrouped and we did keep the faith and we run on. Guns N’ Roses took 25 years to have another record, right? They went back and fell off the precipice and we went forward.” http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/culture/article/bon-jovi-2020-interview
  14. "Fat Axl Rose should put The Vault on iTunes for $50, release a new album, lose some weight, ring his vocal coach, get a real manager and sort his life out."
  15. I cam't wait for Trump to win so Axl has a giant meltdown on Twitter and we can talk about that for a week because there are currently no barrels left to scrape on this forum.
  16. In the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness, shouldn't there be some FatApp pics of Nando and Beta?
  17. Fucking hell XD XD XD Stay Puft, Stay Fat......it's the cover of Stay of Execution!!!! Nice fucking work.
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