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  1. $500 for whoever leaks some pics of Beta's hairy beef flaps.
  2. Not that I watched much footage of the shit Fat Tour but even at the latter shows when they all looked bored, you'd still see them laughing and joking around together and Alex with his arm on Slash's shoulder etc. Obviously you could say it's for show but you could name literally tens of examples of bands with shit relationships doing it for money and they don't even pretend; or the few that do it's obviously fake. The one thing I did notice is that during the first couple years they posted shitloads of backstage and rehearsal footage where A,S+D were clearly genuinely getting along, hanging o
  3. Fuck are you on about? Axl is busting his ass during this enforced downtime to get in serious shape. He's gonna be running around in nothing but those bike shorts and a bandana next November.
  4. Something like that, yeah. Reading that Weilans shit for the first time in 15 years made my day. Get in the ring, go to the gym you fat, bald, wig-wearin' fuck XD Classic.
  5. Like I tried to explain, you've got your dates wrong. The two Joint shows were the end of December 2001, a year after Rio/HOB so none of the above makes sense.
  6. I think you're right, but you got The Joint dates wrong: December 2001 a year after Rio. So yeah, Rio had to be a wig/shitload of plugs, like literally three times as thick as his Illusions hair and longer. That's a year until The Joint. He has quite a few braids in it there so not necessarily thinner but you're right, looks like his.
  7. So gay but whatever, not like there's anything else to discuss. 1. Weird period from about 96-99 where in every pic he has a full bandana/beanie on or occasionally very short hair e.g. in the roller-coaster pic. By about 99/00 rumors of a 'botched hair transplant.' Duff has said he was 'paranoid' about losing his hair in the 80's. I think during 96-99 he was probably having transplants where they generally shave areas on the back and splice in the follicles to the hairline/crown etc. Given the time it' takes to re-grow each time it would explain why his head was always covered for
  8. Which bits do you mean? I haven't watched/listened to the HOB leak.
  9. Absolutely. It amazes me that absolutely nothing has circulated from either bar a few pics. Also that for years people banged on about HOB video being 'the Holy Grail as opposed to the two shows a year later. Why? Because we havd pro shot Rio 3 and know exactly what Axl looked and sounded like: fat and kinda shit. And we already had quality audience HOB audio. But the two shows a year later he was in absolutely insane shape. Like 1992 washboard abs shape. He looked fucking badass like he was in the zone. And they played Madagascar unlike at HOB and I want to hear it in that 2001 voice withiut
  10. Until someone deciphered and posted the full lyrics I thought the high part was all Axl noises because he hadn't finished the lyrics yet. I find it bizarre that it's actually just really unintelligible. So nuts that this stuff is 20 years old and he'll never sing like that it the studio again, nevermind live. What a waste of a life.
  11. The only issue I have with him is the massive enabling of that absolute piece of shit he let take over his board.
  12. I said that a while back and got piled on here. In wrestling he's probably one of the smartest people and one of only a few real bookers left. Rich Zucchini is the absolute shits though. God, he was awful on the old Bischoff podcast. Thank fuck for Conrad,
  13. There is absolutely no way this can be true. Haven't you read all of the Fortus and Stinson interviews the last 15 years? Axl is the last true outlaw mud show musician left in the entire rock music industry. ALL he cares about is the music: nothing else matters. His integrity is paramount. He's the real fucking deal. Get your story straight!
  14. So we're getting IllusionShit tour for the next five years with maybe occasional Izzy.
  15. Cool. I'm bringing a fuck off sign with the setlist: Don't Damn Me Fatskool Grace Fatlas Don't Cry Alt General Soul Monster And another sign that says "Beta, Show Us Your Tits!"
  16. Who's bringing the burritos? I guess down under aren't getting All New then according to their ads.
  17. I used to go on mygnr first thing every day for years and years in case leaks/news. Then I realised most people there are woke cunts so I came here and started checking every day for leaks/news. Now leaks and news don't even occur to me, I just come for new memes and jokes. Fucking shit, fat band.
  18. You wanna break Instagram?
  19. Same. I can't be fucjed to find a decent transcription of the lyrics but does it make sense that it's about Finck? I mean, he plays all over it so did the lyrics all come after or were re-written?
  20. I wonder how fat he'll be and how shit his hair will be. I be he'll lip sync to recordings of the 2002 tour.
  21. They're advertising it with the fucking Appetite Cross. The original, not the blue-haired pinball shit. Point is, no new record in 2021. Meanwhile AC/DC and every other fucker has managed it.
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