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  1. He also endorsed President Pedophile so he can fuck off even further.
  2. Dwayne Johnson's daughter is nauseatingly woke as fuck so he can fuck right off.
  3. I can't believe there's fuckers out there hoarding shit like CD2 2010 and whatever else.
  4. Part of it is even if they do put a record out and even if Fatty was truly motivated and got in 2006 shape, his voice is done. He'll never be able to sing a full show like Axl again, let alone multiple shows and never a tour. His top end is fucked, his drive is fucked. Some of the vocals in the can could be from 1999. Baz talked about the highest, screaming singing he'd ever heard him do. Not gonna happen. And personally I hate all the multi-layering and robotic-sounding shit he did with way too many of the vocals on Chinese and only ever listen to the live versions from 2010 whic
  5. Both Moxley/Omega gimmick matches were the absolute shits. Using fake sugar-glass and blatantly fake, plastic barbed wire kills it. I'm so sick of all that overdone shit with the same stupid objects. Landing on a barbed wire table and coming up without a single scratch. I'm sick of kendo sticks, plastic "steel" chairs, aluminium foil garbage cans and those fucking shitty home depot decorating tables that literally and obviously make a high-bump safer. It's like, great, you cunts got those toy packs in the 90s with all the stupid garbage accessories and played the video games where you could pi
  6. That's exactly what he is. I saw one brief bit of an interview with him, might have been Rogan, can't remember, and he was pushing the trans agenda hard and when someone pushed back a little with stats about how 80% of teens just grow out of it and realise they're gay if left alone and how activists are pushing for laws to give kids puberty blockers etc against parents' wishes and he had absolutely nothing to say. Well fuck you. If you want to get involved and influence culture and politics you better at least have some kind of real response to legitimate criticism.
  7. Geraldine Axl legit looks more like a lady than Eddie Fucking Izzard. When Izzard was over huge with his mid-90s comedy shows Dressed To Kill and Glorious, everyone I knew, as in all the teens at school, thought he was awesome and hilarious. Bit of mascara, lippy and heels, part of the act. No big deal. Self deprecating, funny. You'd see him as a regular bloke when he went out for a pint of milk or in behind the scenes stuff on DVDs. Nobody cared. Nobody gave a flying fuck. Nobody was prejudiced. Nobody cared about trannies. Jesus, my grandparents, born in the fucking 1920s, loved
  8. I fuckng can't stand Pedo-Lite Chrissy Teigen and I wish Gina Carrano would punch that uppity Megan Markle cunt in the cunt.
  9. I give a fuck. If Rose released his legal-record-book of every petty detail about the breakup you'd read the lot. What the fuck are you on about "some people invest too much...?" You're fucking here every day on a board for a shit, dead band. Your'e the one posting multiple times in a thread you can't be arsed to read. Never in my life have I opened a thread, thought "I can't be arsed to read that it looks boring" and then actually written a post about it! Suck Bon Jovi's dick!
  10. His main point is to demolish the Axl apologists' narrative that the reunion proved that Axl "won" and that Slash and Duff went crawling back to him for a payday and to be dicated-to "hired employees" whilst Axl's own words in the China and Duff interviews contradict that. The legalities show the truth is very much the other way around in Axl having no choice left but crawl to them. There's a lot of repetition but if you enjoy learning and reading about what an absolute cuck failure Axl is in every area of his professional life it's a very entertaining and informative >1-hour re
  11. I kinda can't believe i'm saying this but after reading all the shit I just posted in that new Reunion Biz thread i'm going with Adler when he would have been the last i'd have said until recent years.
  12. In June 2016 a user called JustanUrchin popped up on the pussy board and had some really interesting observations around the legalities of the reunion, particularly pointing out that from a legal and business perspective it was Axl crawling back to Slash and Duff to monetise their partnership trademarks and Slash's logos, not the other way around. I've copied some of his posts below. This is really good shit:
  13. 18 minutes of Empire of the Clouds from Maiden's last record has more value than everything i've heard from Metallica. All i've ever seen from them is a bunch of utterly dull, boorish rock blokes with nothing to say, drivel lyrics, samey vocals, dull stage shows...just uninspiring people. And when i've stuck around to see them at festivals the fans are generally the same kinda dull, boorish, geeky, devil hands rock people who still dress like cardboard rock fans in middle age and have nothing much interesting to say about anything.
  14. Just out of interest, does that mean you rate e.g. Metallica over Maiden? Because I think if I was given a choice of going to a dessert island with either Metallica's catalogue or no music i'd take no music.
  15. It's annoying when you need a mirror to see your balls.
  16. I find it so hard to believe that, as nuts as Axl is, he really thought keeping Ashba could work out in any way. "Hey Slash, DJ's gonna take the Patience solo...."
  17. You're a dumbass if you think Maiden are rubbish. Fine if you don't like them. I like Paul McCartney and can't stand Lennon or The Beatles but that doesn't mean I think they're rubbish or that they are.
  18. Maiden have put out so much great shit in the last 21 years alone including umpteen live albums and DVDs.
  19. Her outfit could make bedsheets for half the forum.
  20. I remember various people including an AC/DC biographer saying there were recordings with Axl done or even an album done and that there would be a full tour etc. Around the time Axl also made repeated effusive remarks about how protective he felt of Angus and implied they had some special bond. Angus has never echoed that and always just sounded nonchalantly like he does in this interview: he helped us out in a tight spot, did a good job, cheers mate. What's the truth? Somewhere inbetween? It does seem kinda weird to me that given how unceremoniously Brian and his stuff were appare
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