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  1. Heart Attack (Now watch him go drop dead on stage or have a stroke like Meat Loaf).
  2. Not 100% true. There are artists and bands who always treated their audiences like music-loving adults who were capable of growing and changing with them. There are songs from every single Iron Maiden record which are treated with the same reverence live as all but a couple core classics like Trooper/Hallowed. Every album since Brave New World in 2000 through Book of Souls, hell even the Blaze albums have bare minimum one song which is greeted with a thunderous roar. Springsteen has played over 100 different songs on some tours. People will go mental for a River outtake like Ain't
  3. No, you're wrong. Let Jarmo educate you: If the Not In This Lifetime tour ended last November, how is it the same tour then?I guess their logic is that since it's the same band, it's the same "reunion tour".... What a prize twat. Or, as I like to say, a cunt's cunt.
  4. The point for me was that he obviously read a load of legit criticism and because there's absolutely nothing he can possibly say to defend or explain the situation he instead basically gives a few passive-aggressive little meh/whatevers. Then I think 'imagine if this was Rod Smallwood or Sharon Osbourne' or whoever. He really is a pathetic runt.
  5. I don't know why but i'm actually surprised they're gonna going into a fifth year playing the same old fucking shit as fat lad continues to deteriorate.
  6. Right. Come to think of it, how long has it been since we got one of those backstage pics or videos of Axl and Slash laughing and hanging out before a show? Might be wrong but it seems like 2017 at the latest.
  7. Ha. Is your avatar as heavily pro-tooled as Chines or is he actually that plump*? *borderline obese.
  8. Man, I went to all four Hammerstein shows in 2006 and was already getting bored by show 3. I've no idea how the nanny and co can be on the side watching every fucking show since 2001. I'd pay to NOT be there. Sit in fucking catering. The sound's shit there as well. If it's true what Brasky says about Megan and nanny hating eachother I wonder how the fuck that all works backstage and travelling etc.
  9. The 2010 bit wasn't quoted but I get it now. I'm not advocating violence. But if I was god for a day very near the top of my list would be fucking Joel's shit RIGHT up. Walker Alford less so because of that genuinely funny rant post of his ripping Team Brazil to shreds and because I think he said he hasn't been doing the takedowns for years now. It's Joel and a few cunts on his shitty board and I don't think Walker's chummy with them anymore. Don't see how he could be after being involved in Leakshit.
  10. I'm confused. Why could you possibly think it's good that so much Guns concert footage is permanently gone?
  11. Almost singlehandedly responsible for permanently removing vast swathes of GN'R history from Youtube. Many people had tens or hundreds of videos they hadn't kept copies of. So many incredible 2010 videos gone forever. And all because that piece of human excrement is for some reason utterly obsessed with shitting on every Guns fan who doesn't want to suck Axl's dick.
  12. I really hope the fat fuck sees this. There's that clip of the nanny a while back saying she told Axl to eat more because he was too skinny (this was way after 2010 when he'd already begun porking up). I think it's all her fault cuz she likes big chubby men.
  13. The shithead cunt fuckers have already removed all trace from YT. Anybody got a link to it somewhere? Edit: cheers Towlie and lol at the Beta account and trolling Mojo. I also genuinely sincerely with every cell in my body wish the most horrific, painful death on that cunt Joel from Alabama. Preferably in a car wreck. Don't care if he's got kids or a wife or how much his parents love him. If I could snap my fingers and make it happen i'd do it in a heartbeat and never feel the slightest bit of remorse or guilt.
  14. What I find really weird with all the Woke shit and 3rd/4th wave feminism etc etc is that I was woke as fuck 20 years ago when I was a student. I grew up reading Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky etc and I wanted to tear down the imaginary patriarchy and all the rest of it and I figured that shit out on my own. But now it's all being rammed down our throats by every politician and shmuck celeb like Axl and Duff it's partly that shit which made me realise what a load of PC horse shit most of it is and has put me the other side of the political/social spectrum to more of a traditional con
  15. This Superbowl gig, it's either NITL or it's a few different covers/alts and maybe some different set/pyro/video shit.
  16. Democratic stronghold since 1969. Funny how most, probably all of the shithole cities are run by Democrats.
  17. I wish someone who can do cowboy shit on the computer would just fuck that piece of shit's life right up. Hack his computer, lay it bare for the world to see and banish him from having anything to do with Guns ever again.
  18. Superbowl Axl will be fatter than Elvis and Dennis Nedry combined.
  19. Good thread for shits and giggles, though. Nice work.
  20. "There's been no definitive answer on anything, and I’ll just keep keep to that," "Stuff is happening, but there are no specifics. Sounds like he's being passive aggressive about Fatboy. The industry works the same way for everyone else except THIS band? He makes it sounds like nobody releases albums anymore. More likely it's just Gingerpubes and he can't say directly.
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