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  1. So you'd be the only Guns fan still posting about Guns on the internet in 2021 who was never interested in which songs Axl and Slash wrote slagging each other off. I guess lyrics aren't your thing, fair enough. I'm not really interested in the drums and bass.
  2. Yeah and Axl apologised for that because he was mistaken about the situation. He's also told a million people he'd kick their ass. Blues is about Slash, Sorry is a composite including shitty journalists and fans. Duff was also the one who said "Just shut up and sing, Axl" so there's that too. That's why they've never once played Blues which fits Slash's style way more and they've played Sorry loads including Axl doing his spin around from one side of Slash to the other thing and lean his arm on his shoulder. You REALLY think if it was all about Slash they'd both be do
  3. Why I think Blues is about Slash: 1. If you go and read/listen to The Blues lyrics and apply them to Slash they 100% work and make sense. There isn't one single line that only works as if said to a romantic partner. 2. Blues is arguably the most traditional, Bluesy, Illusionsy, Slash-friendly song on the album from a musical standpoint and yet Slash and Duff CHOSE to rehearse and play Prostitute, Twat and Sorry instead despite them being way less Slash's wheelhouse. 3. Axl is absolutely adamant that Sorry is not about Slash. It would make sense that there was at least one song on the album abo
  4. Not to get to Miser about it but I can't remember him doing sorry well at all on NITL. He hits the chorus with utterly pathetic, whiney falsetto. Shacklers and ITW pushed him to his limit in 2010-2012, no chance in hell now. Scraped he couldn't do on his best day in 2010. Riad he hasn't done since 2002 because it needed the 100% hard, high clean voice and wasn't that great then. Blues is about Slash hence they haven't done it. IRS is the only one the on paper he could maybe do something half decent with at this point.
  5. They'll keep CD because it's the only one he can "sing" and it'll let him think he didn't spend 30 years being a failure.
  6. Yeah. I don't get why people casually write off 2010 vocals or even 2006-2010, just because they hate NewGNR and CD. There's barely a 2010 show that doesn't shit all over Tokyo 1992 vocally.
  7. I still love and respect Christopher Hitchens and the others have still done masses of valuable work. But it just seems obvious to me after years of looking into what they automatically dismiss out of hand as "pseudo-science," and quackery that they're missing huge pieces of the bigger picture. Rogan talks to everyone and regardless of what he thinks or believes privately he doesn't really give much away publicly, I mean in a general sense. He'll have a guest on who completely contradicts something that a previous guest talked about for 4 hours and he'll just take it in without pu
  8. Harari is incredibly intelligent, but like so many materialist, reductionist scientists and thinkers he appears to dismiss or have zero knowledge or interest in anything that can't be quantified, measured and investigated easily by modern science. (To be clear i'm not suggesting we need any of this "progressive" social-constructionist crap that came from Derrida, Foucault and the other French 60s intellectual frauds). In Harari's Mind In The Cave, the level of detail he goes into in terms of describing the methodologies used to try and figure out how human consciousness came to cr
  9. I don't care if you don't like CD: I don't like the way he sang a lot of it either but don't tell me was shit in 2010 because he was literally better and more consistent than 1992 when all he could do was hoarsely scream with no range.
  10. Duff should get more than Izzy because Izzy has done literally nothing in 30 years to keep the GN'R brand alive and has nothing to do with the business/legal partnership. The fact he was a main songwriter doesn't mean shit when it come to who gets "loot" from touring today. Roger Waters and David Gilmour don't pay eachother when they're both playing Floyd Songs they co-wrote on opposite sides of the world. Izzy gets his royalties for his songwriting. Since he left in 1991 he has never wanted to re-join as a permanent touring member whilst Slash and Duff would have gone back at any
  11. Don't agree with this idea that it would have made no difference having Stinson instead of Duff. The "Big 3" thing is legit, marketing-wise. To the casuals filling stadiums in 2016-2020 seeing those three together across the front of the stage is bigger and more legit than if it were just Axl and Slash taking turns on the ego ramp. Duff looks like a star, he has an aura. Izzy didn't even look like a star in 1991. There were people screaming for Slash at many shows in 2001-2002. Nobody was screaming for Duff though they would have preferred him and nobody gave two shits about Izzy, we'd already
  12. Enormous intellect, so much wrong in this book. If I were a billionaire I would pay whatever money it took for Harari, Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins to go to Peru and spend a month working with ayahuasca, psilocybin etc and for reading they'd have all of Graham Hancock's books as well as Terrance McKenna. Kafka On The Shore - Haruki Murakami Immigration, Identity and Islam - Douglas Murray 12 Rules For Life - Jordan Peterson Edit: I know C.Hitchens died in 2011.
  13. That Coldplay cover is fucking hilarious, I snorted my tea everywhere at 3:14
  14. The idea that Fat Cunt has been sat on more Bucket stuff like Twat for 2 decades is insane. I've been listening to 2002 boots for the first time in 15 years and Axl's voice at the time actually blends perfectly with Bucket's tone. In hindsight I wish Axl had just abandoned the GN'R brand and just made music with Bucket, Brain and whoever was around. To a lot of teens and twenty-somethings today, Dave Grohl is a god. Axl is some fat, has-been relic who can't sing and looks nothing like himself.
  15. I just don't get it. He can hear himself in his monitors and it sounds even worse than blasted through the system. The screen thing, though: that's been standard since 2002. Always seemed like most of the set had the same shitty graphics on the main screen so the people at the back can't see shit.
  16. No way, man. No, no, no. Lol. Sure, there was some confusion and people didn't necessarily understand that he was choosing to sing without drive but it wasn't a case of people thinking he was done. The 2002 VMAs were really confusing because he sounded like utter shit compared to literally every other performance up to that point since Rio. But we're talking about the days of it taking literally an hour to download a single mp3 file on dial-up; no YouTube. Unless you lived in a city and had access to some kinda broadband it was hard to download the video files of bootleg shows. And we didn't h
  17. What Creed said. No idea if he's got CD2 but i'd guess 99.9% guaranteed he has at least a few songs with vocals that aren't in general circulation.
  18. No way, there wont be another vocal resurrection. I watched some of those more recent shows and he was trying so damn hard. And not to sound like 2006-2010 but just to fucking sing the songs anyhow. He literally can't sing Better anymore, had to drop TIL which used to be effortless. It's not there. He was mid-late 40s when he was killing it and Axl/DC emptied the tank.
  19. Unless I missed something MSL was never on the inside. He had some ranty phone calls from beta and that's it.
  20. He hates us. Years ago one regular Gyna member talked to him at some party and Axl was basically bitching about the online/hardcore fans and this dude was actually getting through to him trying to make him see a different perspective. Del kept sticking his oar in trying to pull Axl away until Axl snapped and told Del to do one. It sucks but there's no other way it could be (unless you count Jarmo and the psycho on their boards talking to themselves). A bunch of shit leaked and the response was overwhelmingly positive like, can we please buy this, and the response we get from his o
  21. Can someone please just leak some shit with vocals?
  22. It's one thing when they shove the old, senile, Pedophile cunt in there who's got corruption oozing out of every pore. I mean, he's put his time in, he's part of the system, he's managed to fool enough dumb ass Democracts that about 60 million voted for him. But the fact they're going to go with this vile, Commie, cackling piece of shit, cunt, motherfucking bitch who had to drop out of the Primary with jack shit votes. The reality is Trump won in a landslide and no wonder. The country thunderously rejected this fucked up, progressive, rainbow, transgender future and these vile cun
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