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  1. The vast majority of the casuals today likely have zero idea about Woke Fat Ginger on Twitter. I remember when Springsteen came out for Kerry in '04 and loads of conservatives sent him boxes full of their smashed up Boss CDs saying 'FUCK YOU!' At least it'd be much cheaper to post Axl's measly catalogue back to him. Or buy a 2006 4GB ipod Shuffle for $0.99 on ebay, load it with Guns, put a hammer to it and send it to him. Fat cunt.
  2. Nah, they can just get Christian Bale to do that insane shit he does where he slims down to 1987 by eating nothing but an apple a day and then for fat old Axl he'll just eat Axl's tour rider every day whilst looking at the mobile gym Axl makes some poor cunt assemble backstage so he doesn't feel as guilty for looking like a beached whale on stage.
  3. 8GB is the maximum a 3DS cartridge can hold so good luck getting the fat bastard on there, nevermind THREE of him, Jesus Christ.
  4. Is there any more detail about what's happened because i've read every thread and can't see where it was even announced? If I can get a cheap as fuck ticket I might go and wait down the front just to hold up a sign saying "FUCK YOU, YOU SHIT FAT CUNT FROM GUNSNFNROSES FORUM" and the Fatcon meme.
  5. I wish someone would a massive MAGA/Trump sign down the front of the pit and troll him at the shows.
  6. Didn't he beat the fucking shit out of his wife and other women and then film a video where he re-enacted some of that shit and then had all the tapes destroyed? Usually when people like Kevin Spacey and Philip Schofield get called out for being shits to women or rent boys they prevent themselves from being cancelled by conveniently coming out as rabid poofters. I wonder if that old video did the rounds or some Michelle's came out of the woodwork if Fat Axl, Slash and Duff would suddenly be poofters too? #BraveAndBeautiful
  7. You'd have to PayPal me at least ten British pounds to hit play on that. And another ten if it's as shit as I imagine it to be. And another hundred for posting a link to wank nation.
  8. Retard shlebs bopping their heads out of time with bizarre expressions.
  9. Fat Ginger Cunt is being woke on Twitter again.
  10. I thought that practice was stopped after Prince had Musicology in the charts for the whole of his 2004 tour?
  11. Heart Attack (Now watch him go drop dead on stage or have a stroke like Meat Loaf).
  12. Not 100% true. There are artists and bands who always treated their audiences like music-loving adults who were capable of growing and changing with them. There are songs from every single Iron Maiden record which are treated with the same reverence live as all but a couple core classics like Trooper/Hallowed. Every album since Brave New World in 2000 through Book of Souls, hell even the Blaze albums have bare minimum one song which is greeted with a thunderous roar. Springsteen has played over 100 different songs on some tours. People will go mental for a River outtake like Ain't Good Enough released 30+ years later on a box set. You get the audience you deserve. Prince constantly challenged and pushed his audience. So has Dylan. Between album releases in 1998 and 2005 the Stones did The Licks tour in 2002-2003 where in every city they played small, medium and large venues with sets catered to different audiences in each. Then you have Bon Jovi who has literally tried to re-write some version of Livin' On A Prayer almost every album and cater to the lowest common denominator with turgid, shallow lyrics and Springsteen-lite themes full of cliche about the working man and as a result has a flacid audience of the sort of housewives who only listen to one band and have no discerning musical taste or interest of knowledge and will happily pay to see him flash his cheesy grin, do the same 3 'moves' and barely manage to sing.
  13. No, you're wrong. Let Jarmo educate you: If the Not In This Lifetime tour ended last November, how is it the same tour then?I guess their logic is that since it's the same band, it's the same "reunion tour".... What a prize twat. Or, as I like to say, a cunt's cunt.
  14. The point for me was that he obviously read a load of legit criticism and because there's absolutely nothing he can possibly say to defend or explain the situation he instead basically gives a few passive-aggressive little meh/whatevers. Then I think 'imagine if this was Rod Smallwood or Sharon Osbourne' or whoever. He really is a pathetic runt.
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