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  1. I'm transgender and I identify as half black, half Chinese so fuck you!
  2. It really gets on my tits seeing everyone I know who never engages or really pays attention to political or social issues suddenly spamming all this BLM shit and i'll say "Can you not see how easily you're being controlled by a media narrative for political reasons and general social engineering?" then i'll quote how many black people shoot and stab the fuck out of each other every weekend in Democratic stronghold cities and how many black kids have been killed in Chicago in the last decade and ask where the fuck were their stupid hashtags then and they just don't get it. Then there all the cunts like Soros pumping money into these riot factions, piles of bricks being delivered and Democratic governors and mayors standing police down....but fuck, let's all post a black picture.
  3. He's an ignorant twat. Even if you're completely unaware of how utterly compromised the mass media has been for well over a century I don't see how anyone can.....oh fuck it. Whatever. There used to be this thing called being "awake" which meant being aware of some "conspiracy" shit and who really runs the world, how and why etc but also meant understanding some shit about consciousness, the nature of reality, esoteric and occulted knowledge, hidden ancient history and things of that nature. But now that's basically been replaced/watered down/pushed aside by "wokeness" which means being an insufferable, mega-liberal, lefty cunt who is completely ignorant about the reality of absolutely everything but utterly convinced they are right about absolutely everything.
  4. When do you think Fat Band will actually retire (assuming this lineup stays together)? I mean purely in terms of Fatty's voice and how long he can get away with it. Personally I really can't see him beyond 65 and even that's a push. If they do at some point get a record out (LOL) the most I can imagine is one loop of the world doing that followed by a farewell tour (although more likely Fatty just quietly goes away than announces retirement from touring Guns). And as far as playing new shit off a record, let's assume that a good chunk of the vocals are from 1999-2010 and shit that he couldn't even pull off live back then e.g. Twat/Prostitute. And probably even any newer vocals will be balls to the wall in the studio.
  5. For some reason this irritates me less than that preposterous picture of Stinson, Cashba, Dizzy, Fortus, Pitman etc standing holding a sign saying 'Paradise City Street' or whatever the fuck it was.
  6. It's a real grey area. There's a BIG part of me that enjoys seeing the woke Left eat their own and I wouldn't mind seeing them drag fatty over the coals for a few weeks just to see him grovel and come out as gay to deflect attention (see: Spacey, Schofield). It would shut him up and stop him tweeting such inane bullshit from his Lefty echo-chamber. That said, i'm willing to believe his stories about his childhood and the roots of his mysogyny and acknowledge that 30 years ago he was putting himself through a fuck load of therapy to try and fix it whilst being very open about it publicly and talking about wanting to be involved somehow in helping child abuse victims. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because he does seem to have changed a hell of a lot and would bet he hasn't laid a hand on a woman since back then. Given all that I don't think he deserves to have his life ruined. I'd much rather the media did their job and asked why people like Chrtistine Tiegen and James Gunn had literally hundreds of pedo jokes on their Twitters going back a decade and what the fuck is with James Alefantis and John Podesta. Then again, the next time fatty motherfucks Trump or blows Schiff i'll probably want him fed to the lions.
  7. Fair play, that was a seriously entertaining show. The "upstart" put on an infinitely superior show to Mania. Since it was pre-recorded I wish they'd had Paige dive off the horse onto Guevara but oh well. The bar fight and Hager ploughing Hangman along the bar was sweet.
  8. Just a thing for any wrestling fans here. It's really interesting how, despite being an intelligent guy and a prime target of the SJW/progressive/cancel culture etc crowd, Jim Cornette is a 100% Trump Derangement Syndrome victim. And it's no mystery why: he paid zero attention to politics his entire life until he lost a huge amount of savings/investments in 2008 and decided to start paying attention at which point his introduction to politics via the mainstream media was the narrative of "Republicans are evil and responsible for everything bad and Saint Obama is here to save us." I listen to his podcast and have to skip the Trump rants at this point and on his Twitter you'll find him still retweeting CNN lies about Trump calling Nazis "fine people" and all Mexicans are rapists. I just find it interesting because 18 years ago at Uni I was reading Michael Moore and railing against capitalism and the patriarchy before all this woke shit became mainstream but, as the saying goes: "If you're not a little liberal when you're young you have no heart; If you're not a little conservative when you're older you have no brain."
  9. I just had a daydream about taking a dump in one of those Covid-45 shirts, sneaking it into a show, shining it up real nice, winding that sumbitch up and launching it right at Ginger's mush.
  10. Are you calling Assad fat? That's a filthy, slanderous lie.
  11. Anyone know if anyone made like an mp3/flac audio boot from the House of Blue pro shot after it leaked?
  12. If only i'd known that going to my love, Axl Rose's concert would practically solve all my problems!
  13. Why wont he just give up on the fucking hair?
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