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  1. I've got the video of Trump calling CNN "dumb bastards" on loop.
  2. The Fat Cunt likes Adam Schiff who is currently lying through his teeth about the Biden emails being a Russian hoax.
  3. Dunno who is bitching about us rinsing the piss out of Fat Band but it's 100% on them. Put out a fucking single or EP on iTunes and we'll stfu for five minutes.
  4. "Bon Jovi Can Suck My Dick." We found help after New Jersey and a couple of years off to realise that it wasn’t us, it was it. We regrouped and we did keep the faith and we run on. Guns N’ Roses took 25 years to have another record, right? They went back and fell off the precipice and we went forward.” http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/culture/article/bon-jovi-2020-interview
  5. "Fat Axl Rose should put The Vault on iTunes for $50, release a new album, lose some weight, ring his vocal coach, get a real manager and sort his life out."
  6. I cam't wait for Trump to win so Axl has a giant meltdown on Twitter and we can talk about that for a week because there are currently no barrels left to scrape on this forum.
  7. In the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness, shouldn't there be some FatApp pics of Nando and Beta?
  8. Quality shit here on page 25. Good work.
  9. Fucking hell XD XD XD Stay Puft, Stay Fat......it's the cover of Stay of Execution!!!! Nice fucking work.
  10. Fucking legendary shit on page 27. I'm crying. This FatApp really shows up what a fat joke is shitty straw hair is. How about a Faxl Stay Puft? Preferaby holding junk food whilst storming through Chink town.
  11. I wouldn't vote for that demented old pedophile, Camel Harris, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex and Ilhan Cuntmar if Axl flew to my house and gave me the vault on a silver platter. But I would do it for a few polaroids of Beta's big juicy tits to wank over.
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