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  1. I remember various people including an AC/DC biographer saying there were recordings with Axl done or even an album done and that there would be a full tour etc. Around the time Axl also made repeated effusive remarks about how protective he felt of Angus and implied they had some special bond. Angus has never echoed that and always just sounded nonchalantly like he does in this interview: he helped us out in a tight spot, did a good job, cheers mate. What's the truth? Somewhere inbetween? It does seem kinda weird to me that given how unceremoniously Brian and his stuff were appare
  2. I bet they thought at the start of the tour that if they just played super nice, kissed his ass in interviews, didn't push or ask for anything and just walked on egg shells and kept him happy that they'd be able to get a record done and out. Five fucking years later the fat fuck's nearly got a bus pass, can't sing anymore and looks like the worst parody of himself you could imagine.
  3. I think this is really fucking good and I don't understand how his voice is the same as 25 years ago after all the screaming, smokes, drugs etc.
  4. Mechanical Animals is just tunes and the last/new record has some really good songs.
  5. That's not MSL. One of those names alludes to the creature from the psych board.
  6. McGowan and Feldman are clearly both a Hobnob short of a biscuit tin and I take them with a shovel of salt. So yeah, I agree, it's weird. But lets be real, the whole fucking entertainment industry is one giant utterly weird cesspit of depravity and all the virtue-signalling faux-morality is a total smoke-screen. They all know and the least they do is look the other way.
  7. Edit, now all the other women who were on Buffy are coming out and hashtagging and saying the same thing. IF HE WAS SUCH A FUCKING PEDOPHILE THAT HE WAS NOT ALLOWED ALONE A ROOM WITH 14 YEAR OLD MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG THEN WHY THE FUCK HAVE NONE OF YOU SAID A THING IN 20 YEARS???!!!! We're supposed to believe you've all had such PTSD all this time that you couldn't get on a fucking group call and agree to put a statement out to stop another child being potentially abused?? BULLSHIT. You stayed quiet because you didn't want to lose your Rich and Famous Club Pass and now it's safe to
  8. This shit is getting right on my tits now. On the one hand you've got Gina Carano and I agree with all the sensible people in this thread who aren't stupid woke cunts. Nothing she said was "abhorrent" let alone "racist." Quite the opposite. Then you have Charisma Carpenter and Sarah Michelle Geller deciding that TWENTY FUCKING YEARS LATER they're sufficiently safe and rich enough and have had enough $1000/hour therapy that they can come out and try and cancel/destroy Joss Whedon. I don't care if every single thing they've said about Whedon is true. I don't
  9. Fuck off back to your shit board. I used to check that place every day for over a decade and post regularly but it's been cultivated into such a little Leftist safespace for simpering soybitches who get their worldview from CNN and The Guardian.
  10. Oh, I totally get where you'r coming from and whenever he sticks his fat neck up to tweet a picture of himself sucking Pedophile Biden's cock whist taking it up the arse from Commie Harris with a strapon i'll be wishing for his cancellation by the Woke mob again.
  11. " I was invited to eat the young." I wouldn't put what Axl did as an angry, messed up 20-something, as fucked up as it was, in the same category as Manson who literally has pedo symbols tattooed on his hands and has seemingly behaved that way his whole adult life. Manson is a genuinely dark, deeply fucked up person who has probably partaken in anything and everything the seedy elite underworld has to offer. I'd be willing to believe that Axl hasn't hit a woman since Stephanie and is not the same person anymore. I've been half-serious in the past about wanting Axl to be
  12. I'm gonna start a GoFundMe for Frank Richards. Who's in? Edit: Frank's gonna send me some signed tamborines and shit to auction. I'm giving you cunts first dibs.
  13. Official shit social media doing Happy Fn BDay Steven ADler with pic of him from whatever show he played.
  14. I couldn't give a shit. I'm just here for the trainwreck and hoping that one day someone will leak all the shit from the original Chinese band.
  15. The fact that a phone app can do this re-face shit in a couple seconds that looks as good as Hollywood CGI is fucking terrifying. At what point do you stop being able to believe a single thing on tv?
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