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  1. Let him try the following without breaks: Hells Bells Don't Damn Me Garden Of Eden Dead Horse Locomotive RNDTH Hair Of The Dog Lack of rasp doesn't bother me, having millions and still not being able to sing consistently does
  2. TIL was good bar the solo, one of the better 2012 gigs.
  3. Nah the shows overall are supbar 2017 onwards, I'm not defending it one bit. Can't imagine how frustrating it is for people who still go. He could kill it AC/DC and then with guns it's just eh most of the time.
  4. Interesting: Blue is the warmest colour, Nymphomaniac 1 & 2 Action: The Raid Underrated: Dredd 2012
  5. Or put the unreleased stuff on a seperate bonus disc, it'll please the casual and hardcores
  6. Yeah pretty sure he would if he interpolated a riff or section
  7. They'll probably rerecord it all or lay new ideas down from pre existing tracks, saying that Bucket imo should have some of his parts left it on there. Sorry was watered down an and overlayered but Prostitute is the best instrumentally for me.
  8. Thanks for the info as always Brasky. Slightly off topic but I heard Axl was under the weather yesterday so the concert wasn't great. I know they're pulling in 3 million or so a show with a couple of hundered K going to the main 3 and the rest whichever way the contracts are. Surely it wouldn't hurt the band if they miss a show or 2 because he's sick? He's 57, been on and off the road for 3 years and singing when you're singing while sick can be a disaster, especially with someone who has had a history of vocal issues. *To clarify Haven't enjoyed a concert since 2016, not making excuses either. If you're not singing good consistently and you're sick just stop or take a break.
  9. Laurel and Hardy for me, rare talents
  10. Perfect description of it, I'd rather watch a 20 minute KOHD
  11. For whatever reason shit always seems to go wrong with GNR and the proshots, rir 4 & 5 being the prime examples.
  12. Always wondered if Bucket was on the spectrum like myself (All abuse welcome), going by the interview he done he could be or he could be simply introverted. I know the money is great for the main 3 but they must get some enjoyment if they're playing a near identical set after 3 years.
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