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  1. Estranged/NR lovechild with no guitar solos and wind/dolphin sounds lol nothing overly exciting. 3$p is cool to hear but also not mind blowing or life changing. Leak the last 3 with lyrics already
  2. To work out how they'd play it live?
  3. Perhaps you are wrong
  4. I'm wondering if he's pissed because he thinks it will hurt the release or if it's because he's aware of the positive reception of the tracks? Or just pissed in general we have the songs? I just hope we still supposedly have an album or some kind of release coming
  5. That can not be good for the fate of a potential release, can it?
  6. I quit cigarettes September 14, 2015. I've wanted one really badly at times for the last week or so as the anniversary is coming up. I haven't smoked one cigarette since that day. Not even drunk. If I smoked one cigarette then I know I would be a smoker again.... Mind you, I smoke a lot of pot 😂 Edit : on point.. so let's fucking hope Slash gets/keeps his shit together
  7. You're quite the Negative Nancy, Bobo. Have s little faith in n Bill
  8. Well if that's not the most exciting thing I've heard all year Idk what is. I'm happy with no more leaks if this is all true
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