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  1. Can you change the poll to include the Hardschool Rehearsal with Axl. By far the most entertaining.
  2. Hahaha Axl carries around his own golden forks in the episode.
  3. There are tunes from the era that I really like. But that is retarded.
  4. I mean Axl is the perfect guest for the show considering I imagine he eats just as cartoonish as Shaggy and Scooby do. Axl could also give Garfield a run for his money in regards to eating lasagna.
  5. Couldn’t you have said that and tagged him in the first thread?
  6. At least his cartoon character has lost some weight.
  7. Last guns album was TSI, and it will be the last Guns album. IMO As far as UYI box, my excitement is from hoping there will be a proper fucking live album in there.
  8. I hope it was done on purpose to prod Fatty. But it’s doubtful.
  9. BUT it’s the new Myles Kennedy solo album 😂 http://www.instagram.com/p/CLW4WLinIq2/?igshid=xvt60c97d7zj
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