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  1. I think this photo is/should be a major contender in the "Axl in His Natural Habitat" contest. Its.... The best.
  2. Hahahaha. Ohhhh..... That's the best thing to come out of anybody's mouth all day!
  3. I'm referring to the allegations coming out in 2016. Not that this took place in 2016.
  4. He's worse than just a Fatboy if this is accurate. He's something far, FAR worse than a fatty. I usually don't go along with the fat-jokes and everything but that's being NICE compared to (if true) what he will be called. If Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer, Etc have lost careers over this, so can Axl. He's not beyond reach or the law. Not in 2020 when it comes to rape allegations. Especially towards a fucking 15 year old girl. #Metoo movement is WAY bigger than this silly NITL ,never ending tour and new album.... Ha. GNR and new album in the same sentence is funny. I'd say all the lawyers in the world couldn't even get Axl out of these allegations, but if it's really from 2016, it would appear those lawyers are fucking miracle workers. Ugh. P. S. Brasky, it's me, Estranged. If you didn't know.
  5. I wish it wasn't rape. Being rapped is much more acceptable. Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously, though.... This is disturbing, to say the least. Fuck Axl .. Fuck his bullshit band if it's true. Brasky, what do you think?
  6. Ok, of course she could be lying but it doesn't sound like she is. Good thing Axl made a shitload of money these past few years. Lawyer fees will be required. But if it's been out since last year, someone's hushed her story.
  7. WTF. Why are we just hearing about this now?? Fucking disgusting. See you later, NITL....
  8. Hahahaha. That's fucking priceless. Not only that... Axl will be so impressed/infatuated (as he fucking should be, Mags is awesome!), Axl will appoint @magisme as (The New) The General, a position formerly held by Stinson. Lots of talk about their social media people, right? Put Mags on that shit, too.
  9. Just randomly spouting out nonsense, and I'm completely aware it's nonsense. I'm Hardly ratlted. That'd be an overstatement, not to be confused with the aforementioned understement of me being..... unstable? Hahahaha. Ok. Sure thing. Go ask Rick or MacDaddy how unstable I am. Well, we certainly should be right about now, right? Perhaps you'd have to have some type of human emotion and sympathy to feel awful with all of this craziness in the world. I hope to God this virus slows down. It's beyond tragic . That'd be a more proper example of an understatement P. S. Deliberately posting schizophrenic jibberish, and being aware it's jibberish, that just makes me stupid, with too much time on my hands today. Throw in a dash of sarcasm and purposely overreacting to everything you said, I guess you could call that unstable. Or rather, yes.... Bored.
  10. Do you see these words and just automatically assume there are tears behind them? You aren't NEARLY literate enough to insult me to the point of tears. Myself, however.... I cry myself to sleep just thinking..... "WHY COULDN'T I JUST BE WHITE!!?!?!?" YUP. Did I mention, go fuck yourself????
  11. That doesn't even make sense! Suggestion: 1) Be less of a faggot, 2) Be even less of a faggot, 3) Go fuck yourself, 4) I'd say, ya know, go fuck another faggot but you just fucked yourself, so why blueball yourself?
  12. Notttt crying! It's called WEEPING!! Get it right, Motherfucker. UGH. FUCKING Faggot's. Two of you! And obviously, racists. Nice combo. How does that go over with Church?? You are probably clutching a Bible at this very moment, just WISHING you weren't born queer, huh? Awwwwww. I'd say Jesus still loves you. But..... He doesn't. Nor does anyone else, I'm thinking. Except for you. I bet you LOVE yourself. So much so, you probably only befriend people that are exactly like you. That's cool. Trump lovin dipshits should stick together. Racial superiority!!!! You kick ass.
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