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  1. Guys, if Axl and Slash can make up.... I was being a total dick earlier, for no reason. So I'm sorry for basically just starting shit for no reason. Not cool. I know. Brasky, don't you ever read your PM's? I told you I was Estrangedfx months ago.
  2. You think calling me by my real name is going to bother me? My information is public. Doxxing me isn't possible. Feel free to give out my last name, too. ....... EDIT FUCK!! OH, NO!!
  3. I'll say what I want, Asshole And your awesome post contributions have been what, exactly? Yeah. Thought so. I'm not even talking about Rick, either.
  4. I'm throwing off the round number. Deliberately. Lock away.
  5. To be fair, I've got the Chinese Democracy logo tattooed on my forearm with the release date. I'm not ashamed, nor expect approval. My Nick Cave/The Boatman's Call portrait tattoo more than makes up for anything.
  6. Bizarre. Someone literally just had a conversation with themselves. Remembered they were lying. Pulled another U-Turn in opinion and gave credit back to Rick. Again. Not referring to you, Dr. Strange. You are my favourite. Stop throwing out names. Kevin B this, Robert A That. Trocolli good, Trocolli bad. It's obnoxious. Almost as obnoxious as my insistence on continuing to open my mouth. I'll shut myself the fuck up. Again. Long live Brian Wilson. All hail SMILE. Surfs Up.
  7. I've seen people with motherfucking cheeseburgers tattood on them! Seriously. A few lyrics to what is one of Chinese Democracy's finest moments, as a tattoo? Who fucking cares. Sorry, that's just not what I'd considered any type of character flaw.
  8. You are correct. I'm being a juvenile ass. Consider me settled.
  9. That's ..... HILARIOUS, and a tad grotesque. Unless you were mainly referring to me, in which case.... ::Weeps::
  10. I shouldn't smoke cigarettes, either but I do.... Nobody is forcing you to post in this thread. Nobody is forcing you to call out complete strangers. The Chairman gave us 19 discs. You gave us alot of hostility and information.
  11. Oh, I guarantee nobody gives a fuck about me. I'm not the one who dedicated a whole thread to HIMSELF, which has been spewing bullshit for months, with the occasional nugget of insight. "Occasional" is an overstatement. Once again, I DO NOT take orders from you! and yes, I will gladly fuck off.
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