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  1. I want my Boba Fett TV show now or i'm pulling the plug Disney+, couldn't make it through 10 minutes your new MCU Falcon & the Snowman shit TV show. 😴 Hey Disney, wake up you child fuckers, we need new Star Wars content year round, this 2 months and done bullshit sucks. Maybe you should take a lesson from the Trailer Park Boys who made 52 episodes of their new Jail TV show to cover the whole year.
  2. Slash's rating is trending upwards. 18 Votes / Average rating 6.83
  3. Just another false prophet riding the illuminati's cock. Lady GaGa is probably happy to get a break, she must be sore by now. 😁
  4. I like the shoes too. Its not something I coukd wear at my age, but I look at it no diffetent from Motleys outfits on Shout at The Devil or Kiss blood in the comic book. Its all been done before, and its 2021, a day and age where the Church of Satan was welcomed to build a temple with a big statue of Baphomet, ten minutes away from me. In this all accepting new woke reality i am surprised Nike pussed out on this
  5. I forgot he already snuck that one in, complete with the usual endless deluxe editions and live CD & DVD from the tour. That answers that It will stil be shit
  6. It has a Nike logo. It also a well know Nike style shoe. Nike also claim they didn't design or release the shoes. They never said anything about not producing them 😁 If they were really against it, they would stop the shoes release, but they will not. Because woke capitalism loves all forms of religion 👿
  7. Pearla turned Slash into a reputable corporate brand name, complete with its own record label. It only cost Slash his soul
  8. What if we censored all swear words into non threatening gender nuetral words. Then will it be safe for Thomas?
  9. Nike is trying to distance itself from the Nas X Satan Shoes, by saying, that although the shoes are a popular style of Nike's, they claming to not be responsible "We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF," Nike said in a statement. "Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them."
  10. Another rare pic from inside the "Food Bank"
  11. Maybe we can put a large bin in every major city for food donations. The Feed Fat Axl Food Bank LLC
  12. I agree that Slash seemed to check out around the same time. It will be interesting to see how he handles a SMKC album release as a member of GNR. Will the quality be better? Will he use any material written for Guns? (with the band not having released even 1 song)
  13. Did he really did go off the rails again? I missed this all completly, only heard of it in bacardi's lyrics
  14. i bet I know who went straight to his kitchen, after seeing the words "Did Axl eat"
  15. I was thinking back to the last time Slash released music I really liked. There were some decent tunes on the 2010 solo album like "Back From Cali", "Ghost"(w/ Izzy) , "Baby Can't Drive" (w/ Adler), and even "Beautiful Dangerous" (w/ Fergie). But then he put his band together with Myles Kennedy and its been mostly garbage since. I did find a couple songs I enjoy that came out after 2010. but the last one was 8 years ago..... With the Dead Daisies "Lock N' Load" 2013 With The Transplants "Saturday Nigh
  16. Maybe this why Frank's tempo is always fast, trying to catch up to Slash?
  17. I agree that during the AFD / UYI era's he had such a great style and feel that even the mistakes sounded good alot of the time. Now he just seems to rush through everything. His style is very different. To me, the line in the sand is the Slash 2010 s/t solo album, that led to him touring with Myles Kennedy. From then on he sounded like a different guitar player. Was he cloned? with that new top hat that sticks to his head, even when upside down
  18. On a scale of 1 to 10 where do you currently rate Slash as a guitar player. Please let us know how you feel about where you ranked the old Slash.
  19. Surprised they have not made a movie for the South American market about Beta and Nandos journey from tiolet scrubbing poverty to managing a billion dollar rock band with no education. I picture the Rocky music playing while she angrily scrubs Axl's toilet
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