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  1. Waiting for when its time to get my shot today feels like being on death row
  2. Don't really mean much, after the fact that they have all been sold already. The damage is already done. All this will do is make them worth even more money ๐Ÿ’ฐ kinda like the Nike Freddy Krueger SB Dunks, but even more with a hit rapper connected to it. I still believe a worldwide corporation as big as Nike would have stopped the release of a pair of the shoes that use the Nike logo and one of their most popular shoe designs, If they really wanted to. Doing this after the fact is just virtue signalling, and damage control.
  3. Don't push your luck, can't we just be happy Izzy is back.
  4. He has been in GNR for about 20 years, and although he may not be paid alot of money, I'm sure he has gotten alot of these guitars and amps for free from the manufacturers just because he is in GNR. Maybe Izzy can buy some of this stuff now, since he has been out of the band so long he must need some new gear.
  5. They sound like "a band" on that take I still don't think WTTJ works acoustically, It comes accross all slapstick and vaudville
  6. Not the whole U.S. though, I wish it was. States control Alcohol sales and they are all different.
  7. Not true. I have been a full time barfly here in the U.S , and we go hard. Chugging down a 6 pack every morning just to kill the hangover, and feel normal again. Then go to the bar, or the liquor store, or both, ...and start another day of drinking. I have drank like that for months straight.
  8. I guess nobody ever told Axl that playing a full acoustic set requires a lot more work then just switching out the guitars.
  9. Its terrible sounding. What made them think they could pull off a song like WTTJ acoustic ? Axl doesn't change his vocal delivery one bit for this new arrangement.
  10. Its probably why they all play like shit.
  11. Better then people crying over plastic potatoes and childrens books.
  12. Nope, Boston. But it ain't much better here. Although we never had an insanely large number of cases or deaths, we had been locked down alot longer than most states.
  13. Exactly. Once my 2 weeks is past after getting the shot they can all fuck off.
  14. Wishful thinking I know. Last Spring as the virus case were going down they started all the summer protests with hundreds of thousands of people jammed together with no precautions, to keep it spreading through the winter. This spring as the virus cases are going down, they invited in hundreds of thousands of immigrants with no precautions against the virus. I am already convinced this will bring another covid winter 2021-22. The U S. Government is the cause of the supposed pandemic.
  15. I made an apointment to get the shot tomorrow, and now I'm stressed out about it. I think like most people I am not getting the vaccine because I'm scared of the virus. I am getting it because I just want this all to end. I am more scared of the vaccine, than I am of the virus. I made it for late in the afternoon because everyone I know has told me later in the day they use the J&J version. I will not get either of the 2 shot mRNA vaccines, not gonna be a guinea pig for the experimental vaccines. I really hate this shit ๐Ÿ˜ก
  16. That is definetly a white supremist. Just look at the white robes, and the pointy hat, must be old school KKK. And Again, white supremecy strikes๐Ÿ”ฝ
  17. Yes, but if you closely watch the more recent NITL tour shows. Slash n Duff will be shown on the big screen behind them all the time, but if the camera cuts to Axl, it quickly gets changed to something else. I think they are afraid of what might happen if they make Fat Axl any bigger ๐Ÿ˜
  18. Whats was that BS about Trumps twitter posts being deleted from the internet. Took me less than a minute to find them all http://qagg.news/
  19. Axl is so Fat that when he searched the world for a sports car that he could fit inside, he settled on this one.
  20. What if JB makes a hidden board, It would be the only place TM could post, and anyone else who enters would have to agree not to be an easily offended woke cunt.
  21. Old Joe clearly don't understand how the internet works You can't delete from existence something thats already been copied millions of times. Those pictures are foreva now Joe!
  22. Black Lives Matter just uses any excuse to protest, don't matter if they don't like each other. Kinda like how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris pretend not to hate each other.
  23. This one takes the cake. He sounds like a dying cat. ๐Ÿ˜ Sorry guys, I was gonna upload it YouTube, but I don't know if my account can take another direct hit from Uzi Suicide LLC without being cancelled. So I uploaded it to Streamable, I guarantee its worth the click. "Better" live in Miami Super Bowl Music Festival 2020 http://streamable.com/glbpiz I think the biggest vocal disaster is around the 2 minute mark Notice how they are too embarressed by Axl to put him on the big video screen behind the stage. H
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