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  1. Put some money in that W oke Jar you wanted
  2. I think my favorite part was when Kong fights Godzilla on the boat in the middle of the ocean. The movies pace leading up to this was perfect, the whole movie flowed really well for something over 2 hours.
  3. The one flaw I thought was how quickly they can get to the center of the earth. It seemed like it was 10 minutes away, for the monsters it was like 3 steps
  4. I can't wait until a few years down the road when these people start bitching about wanting to be a man again 😂 Sorry girls
  5. I read through this, didn't see the pictures but probably better off.
  6. Lol Justice League is a terrible movie no matter how its cut. I think they are just mad because they wanted the Snyder Cut so bad, and now they know its just as shit as the original.
  7. 2016 reunion seems so long ago now. Axl could still sing a little bit, and it all seemed new again. So much has happened since, yet GNR has still done nothing new. Unless you count Axl Rose getting Fat, and losing his voice while continuing to tour endlessly, destroying the bands legacy. And causing his die hard fans to turn against him. Happy April Fool Day everyone. I have no need for a joke or prank on this subject. Fat Axl has become a permanent joke all by himself.
  8. Yes, The power to get Mark Hammil to commit to another Mandalorian spin off TV show, staring Grogu at Luke's Jedi Training Academy. I wonder if this is replacing Gina Carano's planned spin off?
  9. I grew up on Godzilla movies as a kid, I used to watch the Creature Double Feature every weekend on local UHF channel 56. I didn't pay alot of attention to the newer movies until I heard about Godzilla vs Kong, and I did some research, and this is actually part 4 in series of films they are calling the Monsterverse. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MonsterVerse I think its kind of brilliant adding King Kong to Godzilla's usual cast of monsters (now called Titans). The original King Kong movie and its remakes are all classics. Anybody else a fan of G
  10. I have always hated Dr Who, and I have not listened to The Who since I was a teen, but W.H.O. still get my vote for bumbling the china virus and destroying the world
  11. How did he do that. They are very different.
  12. Since he is not allowed to sniff little girls anymore, Joe did the politcally correct thing and got himself a She-Male
  13. You missed it. Later in the day he broke out his thong, and went for swim TMZ showed up to get some pictures, and also handed out "I saw Fat Axl" stickers to all the kids. 🤮
  14. Maybe he can join Bon Jovi now. He seems to like it when the singer can't sing
  15. Better is a tough song to sing, but if Axl can't sing it, It shouldn't be in the setlist. No excuses when they charge people $200 to see them.
  16. Fuck off ya liberal twat. You probably sucked of a senior citizen to be 1st in line for the vaccine.
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