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  1. @John Bonham What do you think of Clownzy's claim of a recent social media post by Miser?
  2. This TM using the power of Miser's sudden passing, to destroy Mygina once and for all.
  3. The message below was sent to me on this holy day to protect us from evil. 🐰 Happy Easter 🐰
  4. Twitter needs to be exposed again, and again for the shit farm that it is.
  5. Axl had security destroy this Where's Izzy sign
  6. That is Fucked. How can someone be such a petty little prick. Its disrespectful to Miser, and to the whole GNR community, including Del James, and Bumblefoot, mourning Miser's passing But not Downzy, He wants proof, what a fuckin cunt.
  7. Same here, I never considered myself conservative or republican until Trump. The democrats have gone so far to the left, that's its un-american. They also aligned themselves with all these communist protestors that scream death to america. And then try and tell us anyone who is patriot that loves their country is a racist white supremist, and paint them as the enemy, even though alot of time they are not even white. Its all such a pile bull shit and lies, I don't understand why anyone would believe in what the democrats have become. I j
  8. Send me a link to TM's show, i will listen in. So many stories I'm sure I missed. Until I found GNFNR.com, I hated all the GNR message boards.
  9. 😂😂😂 after all that BS, the only thing Nike stopped was the 1 Free pair pair from being given away. They already sold 665 pairs at over $1,000 each Great victory for Nike, All they stopped was the contest winner 😁
  10. Miser probably knows more about life and death than all of us now. Some more Nirvana for you kid.
  11. Gilby Cuck had the easiest gig in the world. All he had to do was jump around for 2 hours. Nobody showed him what to play, because no one cared what he played. They all knew the volume would be turned off the whole time, so it didn't fuckin' matter.
  12. Axl is so Fat that on Easter Sunday, he goes from house to house claiming his car broke down, and asks to use the phone. When they figure out that he is Axl Rose, they invite him to stay for diner. Axl accepts. But before the family can finish thanking the lord by saying grace, Axl eats the entire meal, leaving no food for anyone else. On his way out the door he sometimes laughs while singing "Sorry for you, Not sorry for me" Don't be A Victim! Protect Your Families Holiday Diner. If you see this man in your neighborh
  13. They have no use for Izzy The GNR-3 already play Stadiums. Even if they got the entire AFD 5 There is no bigger places to tour. It would only mean more people splitting the same money. I feel like I have been saying this for years now. "If you ever want to see things change in the GNR universe, Stop Buying Tickets to see the GNR-3"
  14. So many reasons why Izzy deserves the money, and many reasons why he doesn't. Maybe he didn't put enough effort into the reunion to be bitching about not being included Izzy quit touring his music, he quit promoting it. Basically he quit showbiz couple years .... Is no big deal. But he has been gone 20-30 years. that's decades, generations So much has changed Verdict: ❌ Izzy does not have a big enough entourage of yes men, and hair stylists to be in current Guns N Roses. And he provably doesn't even
  15. That's really sad, he was so young. RIP Miser He will be missed here on the board, and of course in the real world. Life is short, make everyday count.
  16. Everybody I knew in the States loved this movie when it came out. But they were almost all junkies, so no surprise there.
  17. Jeeezus I am old! Where does all the time go, when I was young a year felt like forever, and any day could be full of never ending adventures that seemed to last forever. All the women, All the shoplifting, all the two bit scams, and of course all the fuckin dope. My life was already like this before the movie. In fact I remember the stores having big stacks of the Trainspotting book, and the soundtrack CD. They helped pay for my addiction some days.😁
  18. 🎩 23 Votes - Avg Rating 7.4 ⏫ ... Slash here is either celebrating his highest rating, or playing a variant of dick in a box with Duff
  19. Axl is so Fat that he is legally banned from all rooftop restaurants and bars after this incident in 2018
  20. Couldn't find a .gif of that scene. But here is one of Kong taking a direct hit to the face.
  21. This will be the new story they use to scare kids. You better be good or I'll call Our friend to come take all your pictures
  22. So let me get this straight (probably not right word) He puts out ads asking people to pay for him to take pictures with options for Lube n wax to be involved. So the tranny comes by and pays him to get molested Woke people are strange. My cousin watches too much Vice News, I hope he doesn't end up like this.
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