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  1. Fuck MLB. The Red Sox have "Moderna" painted on the Green Monster, with a huge BLM banner on the other side that faces the expressway, and Lebron Fuckin' James is a part owner of the Sox now. The All Star Gane is final straw. I'm Done. Politics have Ruined Sports.
  2. Why is that little boy/girl from Stranger Things in The Who ?
  3. This guy's Fat Axl impression is a spot on 10 🎯 He deserves a Grammy award for this video. Its better then anything Billie Hellish ever recorded.
  4. Even a boogaloo rally in Ann Arbor, MI got more Likes than Joe Biden yesterday. Most popular president in History πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Myles Kennedy trying out for Led Zeppelin is probably what made them decide to not do a reunion after all. Jimm Page to John Paul Jones "Did you just hear what he did to our songs? I can never un-hear that, and now I never want to play those songs ever again, No Reunion."
  6. I don't know if he is guilty or not. But the media media need stop calling it "trafficking", that slides right by people. They need to start calling it what it really is, Pimping
  7. Fat Axl should dress like this on Tour. Waddling around the stage dressed in a Bunny Suit, while singing like Mickey Mouse. I would happily pay to see that. It would make more sense than the whole Fat In This Lifetime Tour.
  8. Yes, TM should make the whole show about what a POS πŸ’© Downzy is. Have Miser call in, and trash Downzy too.
  9. Its better than any of the songs from the Locker leaks that Axl sings on. Maybe they can kick Fat Boy out the band and bring Tommy Stinson back to sing lead.
  10. The story of the numbers goes even further back. On Christmas Eve, as the calendar day turned around midnight, I looked at my account and my rating was 6,660, and very soon after it was 6,666. Fast forward a bit, as Saturday turned into early Easter Morning my rating was right on cue again, only this time it was 7,777. I took a screenshot, and made this thread with it a few hours later, and then you noticed the URL of this thread with the Topic Number 29777. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
  11. I forgot I posted this story of how Brian "Damage" Forsythe, did further damage to Steven Adler. I think I found something even more pathetic. In 2009 Adler released a CDr EP with Chips Z' Nuff. they somehow even got Slash to play on one of the songs. πŸ™‰ And like Brian Forsythe before him, Chip Z Nuff of course thought it was a good idea to be blatantly using Drugs in any project that involves Steven Adler. See album cover below This thing really flew under the radar, it must be horrible http://www.disco
  12. Glad you are alive and well @Wilco Welcome Back I think from now, if your not gonna come home for a couple days you need to call every couple hours and let everyone know your okay
  13. I live just 4 hours from NYC, and I know it well from the 4 years I lived in Brooklyn. Should I start a GoFundMe for a trip to NYC to find Miser?
  14. PAAS Fat Axl Easter Egg Kit. 😁
  15. I tried searching for a story also. But I don't think not finding one proves anything. He is not famous, so his name would not be in the headline. And NYC is a big city, so it may not have been reported by the press.
  16. Someone is playing games.
  17. Have the newer posts been deleted? I'm so confused
  18. I'm curious now, I gotta check out.
  19. I don't blame Miser. Who told JB that he was dead?
  20. And on Easter Sunday, Miser came back from the dead ....
  21. Wasn't the @Wilco account currently on a time out?
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