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  1. I said any player, that doesn't include only the list
  2. Buy you not being on that list can't see what I can, it leaves only 2 suspects. But that is only my suggestion, I will vote for any player the town decides to lynch to prove I am town.
  3. Did you not read my post, I will prove I am Town by voting any player the town decides to lynch. Why waste your vote on Town when I just narrowed down the list to 2 people.
  4. I wish they would, a death tour would get us closer to Beta and Fernando cashing in by releasing the vault
  5. This is gonna make me real unpopular with a couple people but here it goes, If we are gonna go by Mags list I am gonna simplify it real quick. If I believe mags claim Dr S is town, then I know 50% of the list is not mafia because I am also Town. That leaves 2 people GNRLiars Arnold Layne Now I am gonna prove I that I am town, by not voting until they town decides on a lynch with no less then 7 votes. I will then vote on whoever the town decides.
  6. 9 years ago he claimed he was going to the dentist? How is this possible? And who was this supposed dentist, and what did Slash do to cause such incompetent dentistry. Did Slash bend his wife over and fuck her doggy style on the nanny cam, or did Slosh never make it to this supposed appointment? .
  7. What they should do is quit the axl rose show, and all join Ozzy"s band for his 2020 Tour, and then record a true Guns N' Ozzy style album that will be Ozzy Osbournes last album.
  8. Damn, motherfuckers is correct, could have had the cop and the tracker before day 3 started. You off my list ....for now
  9. I can't wait to see the year 5 NITL summer 2020 US Stadium Tour. All the boomers already blew their wad on Motley Crue and Pearl Jam tickets, and GNR shows will be half empty. Axl will lose it, and refuse to go onstage, Duff will have UYI tour flashbacks and cry into his vagina, Slash will record a new solo album in his dressing room, while Beta and Fernando will run around like chickens with their heads cut off wondering what went wrong. FATCON 1 2020
  10. This new song is terrible in every way imaginable. They really should be embarrassed to release something this incredibly weak. If this song was put on youtube by an unknown band it would be lucky if it got 100 plays.
  11. Maybe if Taco Bell does a promotion like Dr Pepper did for Chinese Democracy. But instead of the fans getting free stuff they would need offer Axl free Taco's for life if Guns N Roses new album is released in 2020.
  12. Thats bullshit, I question both Popcorns Snare, and Deadstar when they each claimed we had a tine limit. I went back and dug up JB's post asking if we wanted to end day 2 without a lynch to show what he said exactly. Everytime I try to contribute I get called mafia, so I tried to kick back and let the more experienced players come up with leads, and that also ended with allegations about me. I don't have any role or power, all I can do is try and vote out mafia. And if someone comes up reasons that may prove that person is not mafia I change my vote and still
  13. I'm gonna thank Slash next time he posts on Twiiter. Thank him for letting us know that Guns N Roses will not be releasing any music, and if you already saw NITL Tour, then you have already seen all there will ever be.
  14. They could try doing this .... http://pearljam.lnk.to/DOTCEm But, hopefully with better music 😆 ( Holy fuck is the new PJ bad, its sounds like some bad depeche mode wannabe shit, but with much worse vocals)
  15. Oh Well, a new Guns N Roses was a nice dream, but as usual with this band they find a way to make simplest things difficult. Too late now, the kind of money they are making on this tour will keep them all locked into this endless NITL no matter how disfunctional everything else is. I blame all this on FatFuckin Axl. Slash and Duff release albums constantly, its only when put fat fuck into the equation that it all breaks down.
  16. If I had to guess whats wrong with your theory it would have to be mafia is not always voting. Your list had 4 people, and if I believe your claim about Strangelove, then I now know that 2 of these people are Town including me. I appreciate the work you put in to research it all, but from what I know of it, it's at least 50% wrong.
  17. Your system is flaws, some of them I just pointed put. People you are protecting have the same votes as me.
  18. If you think im mafia because I let strangelove influence me into voting for you.
  19. If I remember correctly strangelove is the one that started the vote against you. But you claim strangelove is town.
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