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  1. I was working at a Record Store and a Polygram Records Rep gave me a promo copy of the Mother Love Bones EP Shine soon after its release.

    He told me they were Polygrams #1 priority when the full album comes out. 


    He was 100% on board,

    and its all he talked about.


    Andrew Wood's (RIP) death changed everything


    If Andrew had not died.

    What would Seattle Grunge look and sound like, if Mother Love Bone had led the charge with the Apple album? 


    Then GN'R would not have been so different, from the Seatle sound?





  2. 37 minutes ago, Sick Boy said:

    Have you guys heard about this? Basically some scientists and music engineers used AI to create new songs by dead artists. The results are below



    Amy Winehouse





    Nirvana - Drowned In the Sun



    Jimi Hendrix




    Fucking weird to say the least. Imagine what this technology will be able to do in a few years?




    With this tech, no one will ever die.

    If they do, you can just let this program make new albums



    It always makes me laugh watching these little 💩ntifa fucks jumpin' around and screaming, and burning shit, while asking for the exact same laws that the Democrats already want to implement.


    Anybody make that connection 😁


    They got these kids 100% brainwashed, 

    they think its a revolution, to put a president in office that has already been holding office in DC for the last 50 years.:lol: 


    We are fucked.



  4. 16 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:


    Yea, I mean Rock The Rock has multiple vocal tracks that combine to make the "lead" vocal, kinda similar to what he did on Locomotive. But on most of the old stuff there's a "lead" vocal and then overdubs mixed around that... RTR is mixed so that 3 different voices combine to make the "lead" vocal, if that makes sense. (I suck at explaining this). Obviously he layered his vocals on the other albums, but not really in the same way as on RTR.


    On AFD alot of the songs have a high, mid range and low voice all mixed together also.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Wilco said:

    He is toeing the line because he is a ripe candidate to be #metoo'd into the next century if he doesn't have the right views.


    Axl was already MeToo'd before that phrase even existed by Erin, and Stephanie.:lol:  


    And Yes, he is still a prime candidate for the cancel culture vultures.  




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