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  1. You're in the jungle baby. You're gonna die,  while waiting for a new GNR album ')

  2. News Update:

    Axl is still Fat,

    and the world is still fucked.

  3. 2021 is "The" Year

  4. Rome is burning and I'm sitting on my couch surfing movie channels

  5. I Hate Christmas

    1. arnold layne

      arnold layne

      Oh stop being so niggardly, you Grinch.

    2. RedHook


      Its not spending the money that I dislike,

      so I don't think grinch works here.

      And I even enjoy giving presents to the couple dozen people on my list.

      Its the shopping that I hate.

      Can't wait til we have A.I. that knows the best gift for each person, and orders it all for me.

  6. Dear Uncle Faxl, please fake your death so that geffen releases your stupid demo tapes

  7. Axl has ordered 600 hundred buckets of Fried Chicken and locked himself in his room to protest in support of #FatLivesMatter

    1. Pappa FAT

      Pappa FAT

      #blacklivesmatter and #fatlivesmatter are interchangable when talking about consuming large amounts of fried chicken.

    2. RedHook


      😆^ that made me laugh


      Crazy braids football shirt Axl is the pictures they use to show that he is cool with both Black and Fat lives

  8. Demand Justice for Axl.


  9. Fuck The World 

  10. Police & Niggers get out of my way, I'm gonna buy myself a Big Mac today

  11. Axl likes Joe Biden because, they used to hang out and Rape random girls.

    1. Pappa FAT

      Pappa FAT

      too true brother

  12. Guns N Roses died the moment Slash and Duff signed over rights to the name. Fat Axl released 1 album in 27 years. The reunion just continues that failure

  13. Fataxl got 2 choices. Make and album, or do nothing. What will he choose?

  14. Another month, so that's twice as long as it took to drive me insane 

  15. Hey Axl anybody tell you that you're Fat today

    1. John Bonham

      John Bonham

      save some room for later Augustus!

  16. Wu Tang Virus Ain't Nuthin' Ta Fuck Wit

  17. Thanks to the Wuhan Virus we probably will not live long enough to see this new GNR album

  18. Slash is getting drunker, while Axl's gettin fatter

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