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  1. Axl is so Fat, that when Paul Tobias couldn't finish writing the music for the Chinese Democracy album, Axl got mad, and drown him in a vat of barbecue sauce, then Ate him.
  2. This was my favorite part of the tour
  3. Slash is a defective clone. That's why gravy coagulates in his biceps.
  4. Axl is so Fat, that when he went on a diet, the economy crashed in South America. He agreed to stop his diet, but the cost was steep. Axl Rose now owns most of South America.
  5. I was working at a Record Store and a Polygram Records Rep gave me a promo copy of the Mother Love Bones EP Shine soon after its release. He told me they were Polygrams #1 priority when the full album comes out. He was 100% on board, and its all he talked about. Andrew Wood's (RIP) death changed everything If Andrew had not died. What would Seattle Grunge look and sound like, if Mother Love Bone had led the charge with the Apple album? Then GN'R would not have been so different, from the Seatle sound?
  6. With this tech, no one will ever die. If they do, you can just let this program make new albums
  7. You're content has always been top notch. You fit in here on GNFNR, like a long lost brotha
  8. I heard a rumor that the album will include an Axl duet with Mickey Mouse, that will be featured in a new disney movie.
  9. Please, No more politics in sports. Its supposed to be an escape from the modern day woke brigade. Instead we get this....
  10. This. It always makes me laugh watching these little 💩ntifa fucks jumpin' around and screaming, and burning shit, while asking for the exact same laws that the Democrats already want to implement. Anybody make that connection 😁 They got these kids 100% brainwashed, they think its a revolution, to put a president in office that has already been holding office in DC for the last 50 years. We are fucked.
  11. On AFD alot of the songs have a high, mid range and low voice all mixed together also.
  12. Axl was already MeToo'd before that phrase even existed by Erin, and Stephanie. And Yes, he is still a prime candidate for the cancel culture vultures.
  13. Axl's a Biden guy, He wants vaccine passports, but thinks voter ID is racist.
  14. You're in the jungle baby. You're gonna die,  while waiting for a new GNR album ')

  15. Just give up on this fanboy fantasy of a new GNR studio album. We have all heard what shit his voice sounded like in 2019-20. Its literally impossible for Fatax to record new vocal tracks. 1+1 = There will never be a new studio album.
  16. In the end, Slosh n Doof chose a steady flow of large paychecks over making music. fAxl enabling Slosh's drinking to keep him quiet was just an unexpected bonus.
  17. Interesting. If anyone takes the time to download this please send me a "Best of" package of the actual females 😁
  18. Can't wait for this new GNR album. Hope more songs leak soon. Axl tricked us with the live show, his vocals on these new recordings show him at the top of his game.
  19. .....if someone got doppelganger's that could play instruments, and put a whole show together making fun of fat axl, and put it on tour. I would go that show.
  20. with Fleibis on the video screens crying in the audience
  21. This is funny, but I'm mostly just glad its getting done. It was foolish to stop in the 1st place. Someone should cut holes in the white house fence so it matches the border wall.
  22. SLASH We tried to record an album, but it just doesn't sound like GNR anymore with Mickey Mouse, umm I mean Fatax, oops, I meant with Axl singing. But the good news is we will continue to tour endlessly.
  23. OMG 😂 Duff at 6:11 Have another Drink
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