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  1. March 31 Disney will release a 9 film box set of The Skywalker Sage in 4K Ultra HD. These are the same versions of earlier films that are now on Disney+ and although it doesn't seem to include Rogue One or Solo or does say it contains 27 discs and a letter from Mark Hamill. Only $249 😆
  2. What is going on in China right now from your perspective. Can you give us some updates.
  3. Is the whole world scripted? This video will blow your mind. David Bowie appearing on TV the day after his death at the 12:30 mark of the video below WTF So many so called coincidences, so many major events published in detail years before they happen. i think I have had enough internet for tonight Lol Enjoy http://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=UY3WHRWU1KG4
  4. Ozzy cancels 2020 U.S. Tour http://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/ozzy-osbourne-cancel-no-more-tours-2-953968/
  5. Are we really safe here in the U.S. Unreported cases in Buffalo N.Y. are talked about in this video. I also read last night about a person testing positive after leaving Wuhan a month ago, meaning the incubation period may be longer than 2 weeks. I don't know what to be believe anymore.
  6. I'm not done with this performance yet. I would love to know what the fuck the rest of the band is thinking while Axl's voice melts down live onstage. And what about after the set, old axl could use some constructive criticism, but I would bet money Slosh and Dumm keep quiet to not disturb their future paychecks
  7. It bothers me sometimes when I am out and about and there is always TV set somewhere with the news on, it can be difficult to get away from. Even some city buses nowadays have news playing on small screens. I took a trip to los angeles about 10 years back and I took a bus back from Venice Beach and the news was telling about some horrible cold that was being spread around that city that was wreaking havoc on the homeless population. All this while I am crammed on a bus full of the poor and unwashed masses. It really made for terribly uncomfortable ride back to the city. I really do miss the days before cell phones and computers, where you could just got out and do stuff and nobody could call and bother you, and you nobody was staring at a hunk of plastic in their hands the whole time.
  8. I agree, 5 years into this reunion thing and not one new song. I really had high hopes for this whole thing back in 2016, and for it to have lasted this long and have them produce absolutely nothing is just stupid of all 3 of them. We know from hearing village sessions that Axl has songs, and I believe from the recent Fortus comments and last years set list that they have rehearsed Hardschool. I will never understand why they can't at least release that as a single, it wouldn't even cause the set list to change any more than adding that one song fuckin' song. But its always the same, Guns N Roses have been disapointing fans since the mid 90s by not releasing any new music, its just more of the same shit.
  9. Do you remember them quarantining whole cities against there will, barricading people into their own homes, or locking them down in detention camps during SARS epidemic. I hope you are right but just the reported number of cases and deaths so far has exceeded SARS many times over, and SARS lastest over a year this is in a few months of coronavirus.
  10. Open air market in China where it looks like you can buy just about anything. This is really disturbing, live animals, dead animals, chopped up animals, all sitting on tables in the open air. Cat on a stick anyone?
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