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  1. Black Rioters beat down a black tranny in Minneapolis
  2. Van Nuys Police put the local business owners in handcuffs for protecting their store against looters.
  3. 2017 BLM Organizer calls out Democrats for funding the movement
  4. None of the headlines are even mentioning this. They all say Biden, Trump win primary
  5. Some stupid comments just are not worth a 2nd reply
  6. Have you ever been arrested. They don't
  7. Crazy strong heavy downpour of Rain in the Boston area right now Try looting the stores now assholes
  8. Have we all been played .... Again Did he have some miracle 1 day hair transplant?
  9. Another car runs over protesters
  10. In honer of Axl Rose #FatLivesMatter "I Can't Eat"
  11. We should Riot and Loot the cities to protest against the release of this Shit
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