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  1. If Axl ever comes back and tries to ruin the band with more mickey mouse concerts we should send antifa after them for one in a million
  2. I know where to get it for $40 , I should sell to her. 😁 Nah, the stuff is shit nowadays. Mostly synthetic opiates,
  3. It would taste like one of Beta's Enchiladas after it was eaten and then shit out by Axl himself. And they say he doesn't do enough for his fans.
  4. Axl Roses ever growing Blubber may be more famous than his music one day. A quick google search turned up these references to the Fat of Axl Rose in popular culture. Fat Axl has his very own strain of Marijuana. You can literally smoke a Fat Axl Fat Axl has his own video game that tells you "You're Getting Fatter" as you play The Fat Axl memes, and his attempt to get Google to take them down made the whole world laugh at the fat fucker. And of course Fat Axl has his own book
  5. I never saw this, what a fuckin idiot. The guy people trust for health advice is too weak to throw a baseball 90 feet πŸ˜† He must have sickly looking little girlie arms just like antifa
  6. I still thinks its hilarious that the GNR store has a Music section considering they have not released new music in over a decade. Geffen/ Universal suck for not pushing these lazy fucks to do more than re-release the same crap everybody already owns. The only reason Fat Boy got Slosh n Doof back in the band was to make it easier for him to release box sets and other crap nobody wants. If you think taking 3 years to sell off the AFD Box Sets was bad, just wait. The UYI Box Set will take up the next 10 years of the bands career just trying to sell whatev
  7. This is heating up. also a group of 19 representatives have signed a document asking the FBI if the docs are real and what happened to the laptop and their investigation.
  8. More cultural than political. I was bored and rented 3 From Hell on Xfinity and it started with a Nickelodian commercial πŸ˜•
  9. I like how thin it is, very lightweight I mostly hate computers, but I love when they are brand new and lightning fast before I download a ton of crap and slow it all down.
  10. I was wrong about the headphone jack, it just looks smaller. Thats one less thing I need to buy. Also no audio input jack so the whole things works different than I thought. I Gotta get a guitar chord that will plug directly into the smaller USB type plug.
  11. TRUMP πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 🎯 http://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-anthony-fauci-criticism-coronavirus
  12. Finally broke down and bought a MacBook Air so that I can use GarageBand. I already noticed the headphone input jack is different so at this time I can't even plug a guitar in with the usual headphone adapter, and I also need a CD reader, and a normal USB plug adapter since these things are no longer included. I hope I don't regret buying this thing
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