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  1. One of the networks got caught running footage of a hospital in Spain and claiming it was NYC
  2. Axl is so Fat they had to start GNR Air because he no longer fits on commercial flights.
  3. Ha, Tampa can look forward to Tom putting his shitty TB12 stores all over the place Lol
  4. Yes, they are disgusting people that care only for themselves. Its a shame more don't get shot. On the white house facebook I asked trump to make it legal to throws stones at pelosi He hasn't answered me back yet
  5. I am pro Chloroquine. It seems to have positive results everywhere it used. Big pharma are probably the ones pushing the democrats to fight it. Say goodbye to those expensive wonder drug dreams
  6. What would be a good time to start Episode 1 The Phantom Menace
  7. Star Wars - The Full Trilogy Movie Marathon A start time must be set for this Star Wars mega movie marathon. And since are all watching the movie at the same tine, we can talk shit and shit post about it right here in this thread. It will be like one big drunken pirate ship watching space movies Who is down, Say 1 or 2 movies a day, and we schedule a start time. I vote to throw Rogue One into the mix before A New Hope and make it 10 movie bing
  8. I have seen a doctor in a nyc hospital claim Choroquine was saving lives, ....are these people just trying to get people killed
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