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  1. 21 Execitive Orders signed by Joe Biden in week 1. All that time the media called trump a dictator. Now they have the dictator they want. Unity
  2. He is fucked already. Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Kohls have dropped his product.
  3. I hope they have done research on the important stuff, like how and why this once skinny snake dancing rocker, became a fat tub of lard that sounds like mickey mouse.
  4. I do believe Trump wanted to help the country. But, putting America first made him more enemies than friends.
  5. I predict a broken down solar farm that creates a big chunk of wasted farmland.
  6. 💩ntifa cunts editing their own story on Wikipedia.
  7. Joe Biden: "Hunter, you can't smoke crack with your pants on"
  8. I watched all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in order the last few weeks, and then went from the last episode directly into the movie El Camino. Time to do the same for Better Call Saul
  9. Instead they are burning more Trees in supposedly green power plants that have replaced Coal.
  10. Can't 'til summer 2021 Tours are cancelled because of Covid. Then Axl can say I was gonna release a New GNR Album, and Tour with the Original AFD Lineup, but the Virus ruined it all.
  11. Good thing they didn't use mail in voting for any important elections 😂 Trump would have re-tweeted this if he still had an account
  12. So Unprofesional Axl should have fired Bumblefuck, and called Slosh about the reunion that day instead of waiting until they were both too old and Fat.
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