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  1. They already made plenty of NITL photo books from the tour. If the Tour Program and all its variants isn't enough, you can get the VIP tour book. The last thing the world needs is more pictures of senior citizen GNR
  2. Another strange thing about re-releasing GH's with the latest single Shadow of Your Love added on, is why not add the singles Chinese Democracy and Better also to make it a more complete Greatest Hits. Every album is represented on GH's except Chinese Democracy. The AFD Box Set even has a track, but not a real album from 2008.
  3. Such bullshit. "We can't release an album we don't know how" "We were gonna release a new album but because of Covid we can't" I guess none of this counts if you add 2018 Shadow of Your Love to Greatest Hits it all magically goes away. 5 years into reunion and still trying to live off a B-side of the Its So Easy single from 1987
  4. 2020 looking like a shit sandwich, and the band we love to hate supposedly got an entire album in the can. A real band would at least release a single to try and lift the fan base up during all this. How have they grown so greedy and useless at the same time. Uploading a song for $1.99 is way too much trouble. If they can't Box Set it, they want nothin to do with it.
  5. Axl is so Fat he now weighs more than the entire AFD 5 combined in 1987
  6. George Magazine Feb 1997 From the Bill Gates interview below. The above quote was from one of the magazines writers.
  7. This is 100% Real. Cancel Culture catches up to the entire Democratic Party in this Bill introduced to Congress demanding they change their name for supporting slavery. They brought this on themselves when Nancy Pelosi recently had pictures of former Speakers of the House removed that supported slavery. All 4 of them were Democrats http://www.dailywire.com/news/congressman-introduces-bill-that-would-have-democratic-party-change-name-or-be-barred-from-participation-in-the-house-due-to-past-support-of-slavery-confederacy?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=benshapiro
  8. What if we combine the two and build a Discord committed to only talk of the album Appetite For Destruction and its culture.
  9. I wish they would do something like this. More deep cuts, and way less hit singles. Perfect Crime Its So Easy Mr Brownstone Reckless Life Nice Boys Perhaps State of Grace Dust n Bones Pretty Tied Up Bad Obsession My Michelle Think About You Breakdown Chinese Democracy Youre Crazy Used To Love Her Cornshucker You Ain't The First One In A Million The Garden Garden of Eden Civil War Out To Get Me Yesterdays Estranged 14 Years Dead Horse Get In the Ring Hardschool Nightrain
  10. Im sure Axl will be amazingly round shaped when he see him next.
  11. Axl is so Fat he owns a feed bag he wears around the house. Asad fills it when it gets low.
  12. Axl is so Fat he has to special order all his clothes, they call it Size A-XL and Big and Tall stores want to introduce it as their new fattest size.
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