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  1. Then Beta would have to glue his braids back on
  2. The Chinese Democracy single charted in the Top 40 of the Hot 100. I think this proves that the 1st single from any new GNR album with Slash should also make the top 40.
  3. Ten bucks or six Dairy Queen coupons
  4. I was thinking that. The only thing worse is Silkworms. That song was a complete waste of time
  5. 1 Hardschool 2. Perhaps 3. State of Grace 4. Atlas Shrugged . . . . . . 5. Heavens Door 6. Silkworms * I edited and switched 5 & 6, decided any version of KOHD is better than a non song like Silkworms
  6. Its was on a CD with a WTTJ re-recording being the only other song so I assume its part of AFD 99
  7. Can we move on to the next leak now so I can forget I ever heard this one
  8. All this talk about very few songs with vocals left on the storage locker CDs made me go back and take a look at the pictures of the CD inserts. Not even 1 song has leaked yet from the entire CD #2 Rough Mixes. http://ibb.co/mBGk8DL
  9. Did he ever upload the remix that I think he said he had already made that fixed these issues
  10. I noticed that, I wonder if they re-used a piece of Brian Mays solo
  11. It reminds more of Duff So Fine than the Izzy songs
  12. Did Duff just quit Guns N' Roses
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