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  1. 2002 Mickey voice was still strong and controlled. Axl in most of 2017-all of 2018-2020's falsetto is weak and wavering, his rasp is just screaming and completely out of control and often will drop out mid line like his voice just cuts out and then it takes him the rest of the verse to catch up. Dude's voice is shot. Which is fine. Basically all of his contemporaries also have shot voices. I do think he actually does try because you can see him physically really trying to push through and his voice just not responding. And when it does, it just sounds like he's gargling glass and causing pain
  2. Axl DC is why I said what I said because his voice and control was not the same after touring with AC/DC. Not that he didn't sound like shit most of the time for a number of years and it was clear he could turn it on if he really wanted to, but his attempts after especially the second leg of the AC/DC tour have been increasingly struggle city and out of control and power.
  3. I don't know that he can. His rasp now is just yelling and he has very little control over it. He can usually get one good line off and then loses it completely sometimes mid word. I'm sure he'd be fine in a studio setting where he could do one line at a time and do 10 layers and protool it all anyway, but live I think he's about as good as he's going to be.
  4. Stadium rock is BACK! Stadium rock was only gone for a year, brehs. GNR were doing shows as the pandemic was already in full swing and lockdowns were going into effect.
  5. The whole band were cartoon characters by the time UYI came out. That was part of the appeal until it wasn't.
  6. The Wildside version >>>> Guns version for sure but I'd like to hear a proper Guns version at least.
  7. Honestly I'm completely down for a UYI set if it has 5.1 versions and cleaned up (maybe actually finished) versions of some of the unreleased (Particularly Bring It Back Home and Crash Diet). Demos are fine for a listen or two I guess. Chinese Box in 2038 is gonna be fat as hell.
  8. GNR very ahead of the times with extended paternity leave
  9. Bucket yes, Ron suffered more because there were some real cocksuckers in the band being dicks to him for years out of spite. IE Robin and Tommy. Who I believe also were pretty shitty to Bucket at least at first as well.
  10. Anyway it's baffling how there's really no information on the actual production of Chinese beyond "there were a lot of producers and a lot of musicians on it". I can't even find much info about live rigs for Robin while in Guns, just some bizarre pedal board contraption he personally built for post 2012 NIN tours.
  11. I know you can find info on AFD and UYI on what amps/mics were used (iffy of Izzy, though), but I'm talking like....which parts were doubled, compression and EQ notes, etc.? I'm particularly interested in CD, as there appears to be no info whatsoever on what amps, instruments, mics, boards were used, how many layers of each track there are (the closest I've found to this is some info from Tommy's gear and mixing the amp and DI signals) as in most songs it actually sounds like each side is doubled tracked in different formations with either heavily processed or actually just
  12. The only thing I'm interested in is if they put out a new album. Preferably mostly if not all CD era stuff redone by Slash/Duff, but even then I'd prefer just the final, fully mastered and finished Chinese songs from 2002-2006. I'd also like the UYI box set with 5.1 version and higher quality versions of some of the old demos that never got put out officially. But at this point, they could play in the casino 2 miles away from me for free and I probably wouldn't go.
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