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  1. Repo Man


    Still can't see anything.....so yummy!!!! tigers blood fags
  2. I did the same. Ive been catching up on a lot of stuff. Being a comic book head it was hard at first to get used to it but man....I kinda prefer it now. I purchased watchmen soundtrack 1,2,3, by Trent reznor and the first two came. Awesome sauce. Bought with teeth reissue and bird box as well. Lots of trenticas for x mas
  3. Repo Man


    On oh look at the corsi numbers this season. Looks like auston and nylander are much better at generating offense and suppressing offence. Could it be? Could it? Could it be the leafs have the best duo in the nhl? oh no narratives are being destroyed!!!bwhahahahahaha If these two were on any other team aside from mtl They would be praised as the best duo in the nhl .. Still can't see fagisme and Dr (I bite the Kubrick style li!e the fag hipster I am ) faglove's posts!!! Bwhahahaha winning!!! On ice 5v5McD/Drai47.03CF% 57.69GF% 49.20xGF% 1.050PDOMatty/Willie58.05CF% 57.89GF% 56.57xGF% 0.996PDO
  4. Just gonna leave this here. http://www.nicholson1968.com/nicholson1968s-post/saturn-worshipthe-black-cube
  5. I think your sentiments are now most mature middle Americans feel. The dems are so far out of touch they think they can convince you and others li!e you that your money don't matter, all that matters is he's evil. The irony is someone like Pelosi is stupid rich. The outcome does not affect her life. The whole reason they are doing this is because he took power from people who had made promises. Corporate dems who all had deals in place. All that stopped in January 2017. The media is towing the line. The think they never counted on is Twitter and trump being able to side step the media and bring his message straight to americans. The dems are dangerously desperate and my fear is if they are willing to go this far how far are they willing to kick the can of treason down the road? Civil war is on the table as unfortunately a lot of people think Don Lemmon and long neck lesbo are journalists. They actually believe CNN and msnbc are telling the truth. When you have one side saying everything the other side says is fake and the other saying the same reality and facts are not agreed apoun then that's the main ingredient of civil war.
  6. Well, I know it sucks, trust me, being in the AL east I deal with the Yankees and sox spend like a billion dollars. I don't know what to say? Your division is always up for grabs, I can see the twins making noise in the next few years. Lots of interesting prospects coming up. Hang in there another five years.
  7. I highly recommend the fanatic. It's so fucking bad in the worst way. Has potential to be the new room. I'm a different person after having watched it. It's ....its....it's something...
  8. His velocity is trending up and he's put up back to back 4war seasons on a bad team.that has value. A lot of teams think he has ace potential a la scherzer post age 30. A pitcher who is velocity trends upwards in age 30 season is seen as an indicator of lots left in the tank. He's worth the risk for a high budget team. Philly will look like retards or geniuses as soon as next off season. If he is worth less than 3 war it's a failure . Philly needs a legit num 2 starter behind nola and this could be enough to get them not only in the playoffs but past the division series.
  9. They made some interesting moves. You're still in a better position than my jays. wonder if I'll be followed into this thread as well...
  10. Repo Man


    Can't see your gay shit fagisme hahaha
  11. Repo Man


    Can't see shit!!!! So nice!!! Suck it fag!!!! Auston Matthews >>>>>Leon ainec!!!!!
  12. Speculation now that there is no whistleblower and the Schiff was wife tapping Giuliani and trump. If that's the case Schiff and the dems are fucked. Haha can't see your gay shit fagisme
  13. Ok jizz boy!!! Stop following me around the board fucko. Put me on ignore as I'm about to do to you. Ass fag responded and I can't see it...Winning!!!!!
  14. Repo Man


    That's the lightning....fail!!!! HAhahahaha winning!!!!!! Dr fag cock and man milkme are on ignore..... It's all
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