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  1. Since the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Rayshard Brooks by police, outrage has been sparked across America over the issue of police brutality. The individuals killed were unarmed and black, which ignited debate over systemic racism, the role of police in society, and what is considered peaceful protest. This led the way to peaceful protests, which quickly turned violent. Opportunists as well as spiteful protestors looted cities, even taking over several blocks in Seattle. The police’s heavily militarized response, which mimicked the PLA’s response to the Hong Kong protests, only further inflamed protests. While there is some good that comes out, such as cops marching with protestors, and protestors helping injured bystanders, it is largely overshadowed by the destruction and division of American society. There are no true innocents


    Good cop, bad cop. Good protestor, bad protestor. There are only shades of grey, there is no singular entity that is wholly good and bad. Everybody is horrible


    But there remains one light, one ray of hope. One little flicker that could fix all of the bad. One dash of sunshine that could bring peace to the United States once more


    And it is the AMERICUNT


    BLMafia: Rise of the Americunt


    Join at http://discord.gg/sfu9Rms, sign up in the #blmafia-signups channel


    Game will start between 6/19 and 6/21

    1. EstrangedTWAT



  2. takinashit

    The Next Game

    Since Fat Thanos 2 got nuked, I'm starting a replacement one discord.gg/ec38BBh Join here to sign up for BLMafia: Rise of the Americunt. Game will start between 6/18 and 6/21
  3. I can't blame the rioters. Listening to this garbage makes me want to burn down buildings too
  4. Congratulations on ten years! Here's to another ten more!
  5. The War Room made Russ ditch Guns N' Roses. You can't argue with results like that
  6. That's War Room 60923, Mygnr 0
  7. It takes a special kind of weirdo to not only buy this shit, but to wear it. Which is why I'm buying two. One for me, and one for the homeless guy in my neighborhood who thinks that Hillary caused corona
  8. At least Gilby plays it in key. Unlike someone else we know
  9. Oh sorry, I just had an aneurysm from all the retarded shit that was just posted. Carry on with your discussion
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