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  1. Version 2 might be still just the one without the intro.
  2. If true, he was considered for the Dick 4tus part, right? Cause i can't see, Slash with 2 other guitar players...
  3. I think they mixed Slash with Fruiscante and Axl with Bret Michaels and Vince Neil
  4. Haha. Tyson is funny. Love that fella
  5. Imagine Axl doing playback...it would be enjoyable at least😏
  6. The blonde, blue eyed ones are sexy though.
  7. Bon Jovi had some nice tunes here and there. GNR is the better band of course, the funny coincidence is that Bon Jovis voice is as bad as Axl's now...
  8. You're right. We respect your opinion. The thread is a tribute to Axl and TB who asked Google to delete all fat Axl pics from Rio 2011.
  9. That french fry was actually pretty funny. I was surprised that they roasted him. Its a bless, when a girl does these kind of jokes. Sure, it wasnt her joke most probably, but it was actually really good and funny. Jonah Hill is a total pussy. He is fat and get roles because he is fat. He seems to be the only guy, who doesnt get it. This is also really dumb. He called a paparazzi faggot and made a scene on fallon like he punched him or called him nigga or whatever. How is this guy even considered as comedic actor? Imagine Chris Farley or John Candy being like this...
  10. There are so many unfunny people in Hollywood. He is one of them. He is the exact opposite of Axl, when it comes to self-irony.
  11. You guys can't imagine what Schröder and Merkel did to their Volk... For years they told us that there is no money in the budget...and then came the big migration wave and money for non-germans was suddenly there. And any critic on this farce was declared as racism. Can you imagine a party system in your country, where the biggest 2 parties are in a coalition for years? It's like republicans and democrats reigning together for 8-12 years. It doesn't matter what you are voting for. 🤢 Sure, on one hand it's superdemocratic, on the other hand it's a fake democracy with no opposition. German media
  12. Chinese Democracy with Grohl or Sorum on drums would be the only reason for a relistening
  13. The weird thing is...Axl and TB had hundreds of job propositions in the past for sure. And i would do a cartoon cameo as well. Even if they would offer me just 1k. Its fun. But i don't understand why he is just accepting a few offers. If he dont wanna show his face on TV, thats fine. But there are podcasts, radio, games, comic movies, audio books and other stuff. Why doesnt he agree to do stuff like this?
  14. Axl is so fat that his favourite band is CAKE now and the lyrics to I Will Survive are his prayer before every pie
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