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  1. Brian May's solos showed what a good album it could have been. Roger and Brian were free at that time...what a missed opportunity by Axl and RTB.
  2. CD has a lot of interesting ideas, but it sounds so wrong (like a band that was paid to record SHIT for their master)...Brain made it clear, what happened: He had to play Freese's stuff note for note. The result of that is an overproduced mess of course. And...Axls voice alone is just horrible. Finck and Bucket are talented, but the rest of these guys were just mediocre musicians.
  3. No, he has an albino daughter. Thats why he is probably still in GnR. Because of sympathy.
  4. Which means they are done with a new GnR album. An album is ready to go or there is absolutely nothing new to add.
  5. Every of his CD solos is a downgrade. The only major change he did is the intro to Better. Imo, Slash simply isnt into the CD stuff. Like he wasnt in 1996 as well...If he would be really interested in CD stuff, we would have had eine a cover by VR or Myles Back then. But he is also noodling around a lot. Sth that he never did in his career til 2016 to my knowledge.
  6. Bumblefoot, Pitman, Ferrer, Brain (He is good, but not for Classic Rock/GnR), Stinson. Ashba is fine for me. Just don't like the Emo SHIT on him. The 'DJ' prefix is also horrible. The most talented guys were Finck, probably Huge and Bucket. The rest didnt deserve to be in GnR
  7. My friend Axl is asking, if this is a big donut next to you?
  8. Remember when you all said that This i love is about Dylan, Steph or Slash? The truth is...its about rabbit sausages. http://twitter.com/axlrose/status/510149043079892992?s=20
  9. When Axl is eating out a hot girl, her whole fridge is empty afterwards.
  10. Fuck, yeah. He can finally sue Fergie and Rick D. I would change their names to Dick.
  11. Yeah, but Flunk downgraded CD with bis skills. So its still... SHIT
  12. I would have fucked her when i was 13-14 and horny as fuck. But now...she's Axl's amores / wife
  13. Who ist Thomas working for? Kermit the frog?
  14. The video with the brazilian chicks was actually recorded in Axl's Diner Truck. For those about to eat, we salute you. Angriest whopper since 1962.
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