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  1. 😄 This must have been made up, cause everyone loves Brüssels sprouts. Fun fact, the germans call it ROSEnkohl. Its the only vegetable that is really hard to eat with enjoyment. So her reaction is not made up, but him cooking the worst vegetable available is. Eating only vegetables is definately hard. But eating only McDonalds fries and burgers is also hard as fuck. I have respect for her eating this shit with passion. McD is fine from time to time, but not on a regular basis. America has pretty good fruits and fish available, i guess, so that would be probably my main food list. W
  2. The relationship between Slash and Axl according to @Bill brasky
  3. Autmn makes sense, cause the video was shot in June/August. Slash wasnt wearing a shirt when he threw his guitar over the edge
  4. Suck on it softlyThere's something in your eyesDon't hang your head in sorrowAnd please don't cry
  5. I pay in fat pics and vids! Whats the point of hoarding this stuff? Dont get it. Rich arabs hate rock.
  6. The Estranged video made him and Axl look like rich narcissts. Thats true.
  7. Times changing, Gliby reface-2021-01-26-01-14-34.mp4
  8. I will never understand why Axl or anyone else in the band did not tell the crowd personal stories. Whats the point of not telling the crowd that you had a severe car accident or that you lost your voice because this or that. There was never a personal connection to these guys because they had no speaking voice... Putting the helmet on, when your on medication, it's raining as fuck on stage, you playing the first Song and my Boss telling me to be careful, was very stupid though. Couldn't care less about the failed solo.
  9. So why did the label spend so much money in the production and release CD in 2008 then?
  10. So Axl wanted a reunion much earlier and used his employees just for song writing? That's why we never got NuGuns music videos and SHIT? Why was there no reunion in 2005-2006? As we know there are 2 more CDs as some folks heard it. Like Baz. Now, we probably have a third CD with Songs by Slash and Duff. I hope Izzy and Adler go in Studio with them. Have you heard any songs, we haven't heard yet, brother Brasky? And what is the post Covid plan? Triple CD or Ep and Double CD as planned before?
  11. They were probably laughing cause Slash was boozed as fuck
  12. Only with a time How is the Sound in 92 so much better than now?
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