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  1. Slash looks pretty fit here
  2. Baz speaking voice is as annoying as Axl's Mickey Mouse 🐀 singing voice. I'm actually surprised that Axl never had his own radio show, since he obviously was into radio host stuff = GTA
  3. Axl 1986: Appetite for Destruction 🔥 Axl 2020: Appetite for Enchiladas 🤤
  4. They had great writers. I loved the Conan o'brien episodes. Simpsons back then had awesome jokes and an emotional story. Simpsons nowdays....lame jokes, no story. The movie was sooooo lame.
  5. Haha. This movie was lame. His most underrated role is Password Swordfish, i think.
  6. As said before, i watched Episode I in cinema and was totally disappointed. So SW was done for me. Then I watched Episode VII on TV. I liked the cast and the style, but the plot was very lame. Han Solos death was superlame. Revenge of the Sith had only one good scene. But i didn't watch the whole thing, so i can't tell. It was probably the best of all the six movies.
  7. http://mrdeepfakes.com/video/9908/daisy-ridley-long-tongue-rimjob-expert
  8. Someone should do a deepfake with Axl. Insane how realistic it is even in porn. That's not Freya Allen. It's just deepfake. Stunning, huh? http://mrdeepfakes.com/video/8268/freya-allan-unreleased-audition-tape-before-being-accapted-to-witcher
  9. Lucas did a horrible Episode I-III job as well. Wasn't he involved in Indy 4 as well? Did people forget about Jar Jar Bings and SHIT? George had his 5 minutes. He is cool as advicer, but not as the CEO of new films.
  10. There was no concept / plot for 3 movies obviously.
  11. The only sad thing is that so many watched this shit. Episode I was lame, so I quit. I watched Episode IV on TV and thought: well, i like the effects and cast, bit this is as lame as Episode I. Just watch Harrison Ford's performance and his plot. It's sooooo bad. They killed him off so lame. I don't wanna even mention Mark Hamill...so out of character...and just idiotic. He was so pissed about the whole thing and told it in interviews many times. The young cast was also disappointed, but shut their mouths for obvious career reasons... The writers in Hollywood are horrible. And almo
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