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  1. Most of them just signed without saying a word. But Del was highly interested and looked at it for quite a while, including the booklet.
  2. Yeah, aware, thanks. Just trying to get him to post pics. What did he forge? Me finding out it was legit involved PayPal claims, MSL, lawyers, emails, a GNR contract, etc.
  3. Pics??? Negative sir. I can't shed too much light on it (trying not to betray confidences and all that), but believe me, legit. Yes, not store ready like the red hand, but more like a mock-up/prototype kind of thing. Discussing would take some time but you can see it all here: www.troccolitm.com As for a price: http://tenor.com/oIAn.gif Por supuesto! Y tu pendejo? I didn't!
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