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  1. Most of them just signed without saying a word. But Del was highly interested and looked at it for quite a while, including the booklet.
  2. Yeah, aware, thanks. Just trying to get him to post pics. What did he forge? Me finding out it was legit involved PayPal claims, MSL, lawyers, emails, a GNR contract, etc.
  3. Pics??? Negative sir. I can't shed too much light on it (trying not to betray confidences and all that), but believe me, legit. Yes, not store ready like the red hand, but more like a mock-up/prototype kind of thing. Discussing would take some time but you can see it all here: www.troccolitm.com As for a price: http://tenor.com/oIAn.gif Por supuesto! Y tu pendejo? I didn't!
  4. I will have to listen again and get back to you, can't remember sorry And one cd from the set was on eBay the other day: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Guns-N-Roses-unreleased-Best-Of-test-pressing-reference-CD/223704460000?hash=item3415d32ae0:g:n7MAAOSwlkhdo1-5
  5. First, thank you sir for the link. I will read it later today and get back to you. As for the other, feeding you what information? If you want information just ask. Why is that problematic for you?
  6. LOL regarding tone, based on what everyone else is typing here. But once again man, you are flying off the handle based on God knows what. What shady friends? WHO?!?!?!? I think I know who you are alluding to, but i have no idea what she did or said. A link perhaps? Regardless, what the fuck do I have to do with it? All of us here need some context. Post links, or copy and paste what they are saying. But none of that has anything to do with me.
  7. Oh for fuck's sake, what is it now? How many times are you going to do this? Instead of listening to whoever the fuck you are listening to, why don't you just ask me whatever the fuck you want to ask me? And the rest of you keep falling for this nonsense.
  8. lol, it's one of my favorite terms. That part in Goodfellas where Ray Liotta goes to confront Lorraine Bracco's neighbor after he assualted her. And the guy says to Ray Liotta "What do you want fucko? You want something? Huh?". Classic. Yes, Levi and I are close friends. We need to remember that although the contents of this call were released recently, it was made a while ago when MSL and Rick were still on good terms. MSL, for one reason or another, really thought I had bought the discs from Levi, and he conveyed this information to Levi. But I think even MSL wasn't entirely sure and that's why Rick says 90% or 98% or whatever in that audio file. That was the plan, but when I say that, that was like a very basic plan I asked him about when I find out he had these, before there was any mention of them being "stolen". Also basic in that no dollar amounts were discussed. Later, as things progressed (things meaning the possibility of stuff being "stolen", the GNR camp finding out, Rick going to VA, etc.), the opportunity to buy the discs went up in smoke. It's hard sometimes because you have very close GNR friends, then acquaintances, then the rest of the GNR community. And you want to share with everyone but sometimes shit gets in the way. In this particular instance that's legality. But other times you are trying to be honest with everyone while not betraying confidences, etc. Not easy. Once again stupid shows up and makes this place just a little worse for wear. I don't care that you call me a overgrown manchild, or a little bitch. But once again your miserable writing skills have failed everyone here. Let everyone know why you think I am these things. Learn to fucking write man! And what the fuck business is it of yours what I spend my $ on. Can't wait for your reply, thrill us with your acumen. Right on sir!
  9. OK, so set me straight then, I'll be waiting. Same fucko. Fanamde, just thought it was cool, wouldn't mine owning it. Thank you sir! I apologize for not being on the forum 24/7. Many collectors collect fakes in their collection be it fake shirts, fake box sets, etc. Some fake items are really fucking cool: http://www.troccolitm.com/appcoll.html?1166337531937 http://www.troccolitm.com/SpagMetalBox.html?1223772917796 http://www.troccolitm.com/spagbox.html?1166350969656 http://www.troccolitm.com/tophatvol1.html?1185676878109 http://www.troccolitm.com/tophatvol2.html?1295980527813 http://www.troccolitm.com/uyiwood.html?1166350211375 Precisely, which makes me believe this ain't him Yeah, but Jesus fucking Christ, you still haven't said (and how fucking hard is it) why you don't trust a word I say. And while we're at it, if I did have any of this shit or other stuff, why the fuck do you think that means you get to hear it? Agreed!
  10. Yeah it's pretty crazy. I don't know about you guys but I can barely hear what Kevin is saying. MSL thinks (but he is wrong, no one is perfect) that I bought the discs/songs/something from Levi. I did not. I have what you all have and that is all. I also never was an "investor" with Rick. I advised him to stay out of it point in fact. Levi was not fired from his job. As for everything else, I will have to listen closer/volume up/with headphones later to get a handle on what they were talking about.
  11. Nope, I only have what you all have by downloading the leaks just like any other asshole http://troccolitm.com/ I am a collector but I have not hoarded shit. I have what you all have Present! Hey stupid! Calling me a lying cunt without any proof. You are smart! Nope, still haven't lied to you. Rick believed MSL, that is all. Another thing Rick says in the call is that Levi got fired. Completely untrue as well!
  12. No worries, you do the best we can sir, and we all appreciate it!
  13. I posted, but am not the one selling. I advised to just post pictures, take offers (if any), and negotiate. She opted to go a different route. I bought a Sterling Sound AFD tape from her, nothing special about it, just wanted it from a completest point of view. And fortunately I did not have to pay 500 for it. I didn't buy these because any spare $ I have right now is currently earmarked for other projects (I sometimes wonder if it's better to rent than own, ugh!). I hear you. I would imagine. But maybe not?
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