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  1. Axl will do a full rap album with Snoop before a new GNR album comes out.
  2. No new single (too much for this band) , just have Axl re record the vocals to Chidem with different lyrics and change the title. Using the same instrumental (not newly recorded).
  3. None of this stuff is hard, it is a process that has been in place for many years now. All they have to do is turn the album in and it'll be put on CD and streaming services by people who's job it is to do this stuff. It is not hard and Slash is just waffling out his ass because things aren't working out the way he'd like.
  4. Releasing albums on CD isn't something that needs to be figured out.
  5. The label want them to be a normal band and promote the album and Axl would rather sit in the taco bell bathroom stall and play candy crush on his phone.
  6. It's so hard, when all you have to do is say it's done and release it.
  7. Hopefully they chop hardschool and just do the full 44 minute KOHD that's gonna be on the album.
  8. My sources are telling me this song has been renamed Hardshit and is now about Axl's daily struggles in the bathroom.
  9. Hopefully all versions of Better will be included in the new album, along with an additional new Slash version. Then Better will finally get the recognition it deserves.
  10. I can't even see what kind of video they could make now that wouldn't make me cringe tbh.
  11. Jw224


    Tidal is apparently better quality than Spotify from what I've seen. People seem to think there's some encoding problem with Spotify that is making their files lower quality than they should be. Spotify probably has the edge when it comes to user interface and general song selection though. You can also pay more for the hifi tier of tidal and get cd quality streaming.
  12. He does it every day before they go on, the album has been delayed until Axl finds out who it is that's doing it.
  13. Picture of Slash proudly walking to the bathroom to drop one
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