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  1. He didn't say he was recording demos for guns, he said he was recording guitar for guns, and recording demos. Clearly they are separate things, slash doesn't consider re recording the Atlas solo as a new thing.
  2. Axl will be descending upon him as we speak, eclipsing the moon as he approaches in the dead of night.
  3. Fernando has probably forgotten he even said he'd do this. He is doing it from his bedroom in his spare time of course, can't have work hours wasted on shit like this.
  4. The thing that stood out to me about this footage was how many times I could hear the back of Axl's throat and his tongue slapping against his lips right in my ears. Also the gunshots at the end almost deafened me, I guess that's so that it damages our hearing and the next stream sounds better. In all seriousness though it's a step in the right direction and I hope they can continue to improve the quality of it. They can't go back and magically make Axl sound better. Although picking a 2016 show would be ideal.
  5. He definitely is on the CD songs. Having a big wank on stage and shredding in a way that doesn't compliment anything else that's going on in the song is not good playing.
  6. Dude he just wanks all over the fucking songs, no actual music just relentless noodling that has nothing to do with what is going on. Ashba actually tried to play the songs, however shit he was at it.
  7. The FAT AI will take over, just a matter of time
  8. It's from 2000 at the latest, probably earlier seeing as the dates on the discs are probably mix dates not recording dates.
  9. The end parts of SOG are mostly guesswork imo, there's barely any actual audible lyrics.
  10. Weird someone would say that with such certainty, still, don't have a clue who she is
  11. Imagine actually spelling it Hardskool. I bet Fernando came up with that idea, told Axl it would make him down with the kidz.
  12. Axl will be on stage tearing his vocal chords out until he's old enough that Slash is playing the November Rain solo all over the top of the jungle intro, Frank will actually be a decent drummer by that point and Richard will still be hoping that a new album will come out that year.
  13. The thing that throws doubt on that to me is that there was zero improvement to GNR when he went back. He just doesn't care with GNR, you don't go from singing like that for ACDC, then go back to GNR and sound just as bad because you can't sing.
  14. I don't really understand what it is from my original post you're disagreeing with. Are you disagreeing that Axl doesn't put effort in? If not it seems like we're saying the same thing.
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