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  1. Hard to say as he doesn't have 100% control of what/when things get released ?
  2. My exact feelings. But I will say I didnt feel it was ever done well live to give the song justice, and especially now shouldn't be done whatsoever.
  3. They're coming to Glasgow this summer, will be their biggest ever Scottish show, have to go \m/
  4. I have an extremely faded one, would love in mint condition
  5. **edit** This is NOT GNR, fuck man I was duped a beaut, with the tour footage, plus had never heard of it before tbh #noob
  6. Aw man, take a day or 2 off the forum and all this leaks. If anyone could hook us up, greatly appreciated!
  7. If anyone is feeling generous fire us a PM, much appreciated
  8. If someone could kindly PM me, thanks 👍🏻
  9. What was the deal with his departure letter? Fans figured out that he had had it written by a PR guru or some shit? Also, was there something strange about his exit, the leaked emails alluded to issues with pay or royalties or something? Ach, maybe I imagined it I always felt Ashba tried too had to appear cool or portray a rock star, it didn't feel like he was acting naturally.
  10. Monty

    Disc 4

    Curly is killer, instantly stood out, and had a pretty heavy 90s vibe I thought.
  11. Anyone kind enough to send link this was? much appreciated
  12. Only missed out on The Rebel link if someone can PM? Thanks
  13. Preferring Zodiac to Quick Song on first listen, kudos to whoever leaked the full disc
  14. So undecided on this one, glimpses of awesomeness, but with some really jarring doses of nonsense too. Bass and drums in the first verse sound killer.
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