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  1. The american press has inner groove distortion. The european version doesn’t have that problem. Just so you know.
  2. I didn’t mean it as in “biden or democrats will bring everyone together WITH them”. More like against them and republicans. People just want to live life. Most of the hysteria and neurotic behavior takes place online, and while there are some who take that mindset with them wherever they go, they’re just a handful in comparison. This whole madness is made up. The swining pendulum will always go to the farthest extremes first. There were already 4 years of CRAP from one end. Now it’s the other team’s turn to give a shitty performance. At this rate it
  3. Trying to bring some optimism... there must be a way to bring people together... or at least less polarized. maybe this presidency will be that catalyst.
  4. That’s the point, and people keep biting. It’s all bs, though. The real world and the distorted mess we get through the internet are 2 very different beasts. It’s the latter that is difficult to deal with, but it doesn’t matter because it isn’t real. Twitter should disappear and that bearded cunt with the opioid addiction should be sent to guantanamo.
  5. I don’t care what a guitar player is doing with their eyes while they play. Seems irrelevant to me. The only guitar players that don’t look at their fretting hand at some point that i know of are blind.
  6. Playing a very shitty solo was his passive-aggressive way of getting back at ginger boy. Or maybe he is just shit.
  7. Stating that looking at your fingers when you play certain song separates a good guitar player from a bad one.
  8. Lol. and ashba getting his feelings hurt and walking away. what show was this? Did he fuck up bad?
  9. I’m talking about an alternative to this fucking game. The game is RIGGED and we can’t escape it. Thinking that a guy with a red or blue tie will make it better is plain stupid at this point. Trump was never a real alternative, just like Biden isn’t an alternative either. The politics game is just trash tv/twitter for morons; it’s not even entertaining. The real game is in the higher leagues, and it’s played by nameless faceless people. That’s the REAL game, and we’re not playing it.
  10. It’s all pointless as long as people think they have an alternative. And they’re convinced they do.
  11. True. But libtards still can’t quite see that they are the responsibles for having that clown in power for 4 years. If they keep on going with this idiocy, they will make it happen again in 4 or 8 years, and by then, Trump and his trolling and stupidity will seem like a fairy tale in comparison. Considering all the “HE IS HITLER!” talk, there’s a big lack in observation and analysis. People should go back to history books and study and understand CONTEXT and not just the figureheads and leaders as if they were isolated from their surroundings. If people did
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