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  1. I don’t think he looks sick, it must be the effect of the eye liner. But he doesn’t look happy, he looks defeated and unhappy. I wish the guy the best, but of course it’s up to him. Maybe he can’t shut his pie hole, or maybe he’a on meds that make him gain an unhealthy amount of weight.
  2. Do not inform yourself through social media. Is there proof or corroboration that is indeed a NYC morgue and not somewhere in China, Iran, Italy, or Spain? I mean a few twits down, a Costa Rica news account claims that’s not NYC, but Ceibos in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In any case, that “hospital worker” should be fucking fired. This kind of “information” only breeds FEAR, it doesn’t help in any way, it doesn’t add anything positive. Twitter is shit.
  3. How did Slash’s playing get so shit? He has been playing guitar for 40-or-so years, yet he went from more to less, from guitar legend to Soul-less uninspired noodling. And the visuals on the screens... who the fuck is in charge of that garbage? So tacky, so shit.
  4. It doesn’t even have to be a full band thing. Axl could just play a few acoustic songs on piano and stream the whole thing. 30 minutes would be plenty to play his ballads and some covers. But I think his chubby fingers make it impossible for him to play the piano without pressing the adjacent keys.
  5. There are 2 funny things there: - Fernando being a soft pushover over the phone and then pretending to be mr tough guy with his lawyer. - Mention of Axl choking on a donut.
  6. How are things over there in Japan? Was there a quarantine at some point?
  7. People are so fucking shit. Buy your share, there’s enough for everybody.
  8. I didn’t say both countries were the same, I just said that the description you made of a shithole country with people with disgusting hygiene habits under a disgusting regime also applies to Brasil.
  9. Aren’t you from Brasil? Other than the word “communist” in your post, it sounds like an accurate description of your homeland.
  10. Business are business. That’s the rule of the game. You’d think the government would do something about it, but they’re the ones who made the rules. The mistake is thinking the population are players in the game. Business and corporations are the players, people are just commodities.
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