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  1. So it’s a morons vs morons situation. Still, what a fucking name.
  2. “Proud Boys”? Wtf is that? Sounds like a monthly circle jerk group.
  3. You should have circled or highlighted the following paragraph, it’s just hilarious.
  4. I remember my mom going through menopause... what an insufferable mess of a human being for fuck’s sake. Now she’s cool, but holy shit, her fucking mood and just overall bitter and miserable vibe kept me from visiting unless strictly necessary.
  5. That applies to full degrees as well, but nobody is putting a gun to their heads to spend thousands of dollars to get a useless degree if at the end they’re going to end up being an uber driver or flipping burgers. But to that particular point of those “useless courses”, I say those are the rules of the game, you either suck it up make the best out of it, or just don’t play the game, grow a pair of balls and do your own thing on your own terms. Crying over everything that is not custom fit to my needs? I leave that to oportunistic little bitches and idiots that sign up
  6. But can you see the point I’m arguing? I agree that the whole education system is a mess and needs a redo badly, not just college, but school from grade 1 onwards. But my point is about the crying about having to take “useless courses” to get a degree. How useful or useless those courses are is up to the students taking those courses.
  7. See? Still no argument. Go to twitter, you’ll become an influencer in no time. You’d probably be able to make a living in social media posting retarded shit like you do here. If you took useless classes to get your bachelor’s degree, then you are a truly special kind of moron, and that’s on you and nobody else. I had to take courses in other areas of knowledge to get my degree, and I made sure to make those courses count for something, and if anything, it has opened doors for me to advance in my career. You can be a one-trick pony if you want, but why limit yoursel
  8. I still haven’t seen OUATIH and True Romance, but I’ve enjoyed the rest a lot. There’s some dislike for KB, but I truly enjoyed the style... spaghetti western, comics, anime, chinese martial arts movies with all the cliches. Part 1 and 2 have a very different treatment in style and dynamics, so I think watching them back to back would make it feel kinda disjointed. Pulp Fiction is king.
  9. See? You are absolutely retarded, you can’t dish out a half-assed argument. What’s the point then? You would thrive on twitter.
  10. I just don’t get why people act surprised, as if this has just hit them full force. Hasn’t it been pretty obvious for the best part of the last 20 years? I don’t agree with those policies, but it is what it is. Crying over it is not going to change anything, and honestly, it’s not that hard to reduce significantly the influence that shit has over one’s life.
  11. It’s sad that something so obvious has to be brought up. Morons still think that there’s a good team and a bad team. Those idiots deserve the shit sandwich they’re eating.
  12. Twitter is a private company. They have the right to filter shit however they want. Crying over that is abaolutely retarded.
  13. That is false. YOU take the courses, they are not forced on to you. It’s not like you only have 2 or 3 courses to choose from, there is a wide variety of courses that you can take. If you can’t see how any of those courses can help you move forward in what you want to do, maybe you don’t have the maturity to figure it out. And that’s fine. The root of that problem is that it is completely ridiculous to expect 18-year-olds to know exactly what they want to do with their lives and how to go at it, specially when studies are seen as “something I [i]have[/i] to do, might as well make it s
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