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  1. Oh yeah, I don’t own CD on vinyl. I got interested about it a couple of years ago, but did a bit of research and apparently it sounds like crap. It’s either the US or Euro pressing that is bad, but i didn’t care enough to look for a good one.
  2. It’s a good album, I’d buy it from you, but just to have it (don’t care about pressing) and listen to it, so i don’t think i could make you a fair “market offer”.
  3. I find that design kinda cool. Way superior to anything they’ve done since then in terms of design, specially all the rubbish tacky crap they use on the screens during the shows. Side note: the incredibly talented GNR merch team recycled that Bad Apples design a couple of years ago or so: turned the apple into a pumpkin and put a banner that reads “welcome to the patch” or some stupid shit like that. I’ll see if I can find a picture of it. EDIT: here it is: Fuck you fernando, go choke on gypsy cock.
  4. Sick of this song, the awful drums, the dramatic vibe and awful live performances of the last 8 years or so. Oh, and the tacky video, only second to Estranged in terms of shit quality and general crapiness. It’s just a song for girls who would also enjoy garbage like Pearl Jam or Foo Fighters.
  5. Ugh. I guess the stupid masses are so desperate for a leader to follow that anyone will do. That kid is the perfect example of how void of substance leaders are nowadays: just angry bitching and not doing anything that amounts to real change. Greta and her dumb-ass followers can fuck off.
  6. A good chunk of fat people eat because of anxiety, not hunger, and sometimes not even because of their enjoyment of the taste of the food. Just own your fucking issue and do something about it. Or just keep on eating until you have a heart attack before you even hit 40.
  7. Jesus fuck, what the hell happened here? I’m sure most of you guys are cool in person, but it seems some of you take your “online persona” a bit too seriously. @Repo Man can u toss me a handy too? I’m feeling lonely, and it’s cold, and I need the warmth of a fellow canadian’s hand wrapped around my salami.
  8. That title is cool, but pretty shit at the same time, but more fitting for a Megadeth album.
  9. I clearly said “your girlfriend”, i never talked about mine. Mine is a total whore in bed with me, that’s all i need. i’ll send you her number anyway, just make sure she washes off that clam chowder before you kick her out.
  10. Axl doesn’t have to match his AFD/UYI self, just the version of him that sang with AC/DC 3 years ago. It’s like your GF going nuts bouncing on another guy’s dick while with you she just lays down like a sack of potatoes while you do al the work.
  11. I don’t get it either. But that fact made me lose what little respect I had for Fatxl. For some reason he considers that the fans of that boring mediocre aussie band deserve more respect from him than the fans of his own boring mediocre band.
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