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  1. I'd tell jdfdemocracy to hang himself, but that's equivalent to a sponge bath in his third world dung heap.
  2. I don't like this guy. Let's ban him! Fucking idiots.
  3. Oof. Lawyer yourself out of the ghetto and we'll talk, son. I'll stand corrected when your man EstrangedTWAT admits he's the most beta being in Asia. And he's white. Fucking unacceptable.
  4. I'll wait for the lobotomy before EstrangedTWAT's words really hurt me. Making fun of a guy's avatar is straw-clutching at its finest. Obviously the white guy is gonna be the biggest retard in Japan.
  5. jdf's a cool guy! I'm sharing this shit with his family. They'll be cool with handling the consequences of his shit talking, too.
  6. Me and ol' jdf will have some awesome party pics to post soon.
  7. My comment stands. Tap-dancing around fat swarthy fucks who hoard Guns N' Roses material is brutally gay.
  8. What? Stop being a cryptic fag for once and post a clear idea. Who's gonna hurt you? Obese GN'R hoarders? If you're a lawyer of any salt these guys should already be crushed in court.
  9. Fan mixes are not worth the time they take to download. This Includes the knighted Evader. Fuck knows why this imbecile is regarded as some audio God by GN'R fans. I respect the time he has taken in attempting to polish turds, but you can't polish a fucking turd. The sheer investment of time put into such audial disgraces suggests a severe lack of upstairs matter.
  10. I thought there'd be more fans on the Discord sharing shit. Not so. It's mostly boring chat peppered with boatloads of uncensored Towel Waver bullshit. It's weak, and I'd like to hear why the existence of forums like GNFNR don't make options such as Discord redundant.
  11. It's better than Shacker's, Scraped and Riad. I still don't see the big attraction with Fatlas though.
  12. All the Ezrin hate is fucking retarded. The man's given the world so much more good music than fat, shit Axl has.
  13. I need a link please someone! San Juan 2010 too! Cheers. EDIT: Got disc 4. Still need San Juan.
  14. Our hero washes himself with a rag(nar) on a stick. Beta snapped this saucy bedroom shot of her man:
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