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  1. I'd tell jdfdemocracy to hang himself, but that's equivalent to a sponge bath in his third world dung heap.
  2. jdf's a cool guy! I'm sharing this shit with his family. They'll be cool with handling the consequences of his shit talking, too.
  3. Fan mixes are not worth the time they take to download. This Includes the knighted Evader. Fuck knows why this imbecile is regarded as some audio God by GN'R fans. I respect the time he has taken in attempting to polish turds, but you can't polish a fucking turd. The sheer investment of time put into such audial disgraces suggests a severe lack of upstairs matter.
  4. I thought there'd be more fans on the Discord sharing shit. Not so. It's mostly boring chat peppered with boatloads of uncensored Towel Waver bullshit. It's weak, and I'd like to hear why the existence of forums like GNFNR don't make options such as Discord redundant.
  5. It's better than Shacker's, Scraped and Riad. I still don't see the big attraction with Fatlas though.
  6. I need a link please someone! San Juan 2010 too! Cheers. EDIT: Got disc 4. Still need San Juan.
  7. Someone please PM me if you can. I can't find it. EDIT: Thanks Dr. Strangelove & MacDaddyRose!
  8. Cornell hanged himself in anticipation of Mickeygarden. The mere premonition was enough for him to break out the exercise band. By the way, "exercise band". The irony of these two words is too much for a Guns N' Roses forum.
  9. How many times can Axl say he's sooorrr-re-eh-eh-heh?
  10. A bunch of shit recorded during the Chinese Democracy Sessions has leaked recently. Some new instrumentals and different mixes of stuff which made the album. Plus some songs we hadn't heard before with Axl vocals. Worth checking out if you're into that era of the band. All the stuff is being posted on the Guns N' Roses Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/new/
  11. Watching the Sweet Child vid now...oof, fucking disgraceful. Slash borrowed DJ's boxing gloves to play this one.
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