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  1. dave grohl is better than frank ferreira frank richards and solsh are both better than Turd Cubain every Alex’s woman was hotter than courtney love (except his brazilian stepmom) I choose AFD
  2. Who would have thought in the 80s that Axl Rose will grow up to be a fat libtard
  3. You forgot about superbowl it was terrible too
  4. true imagine if leaks never happened and now they would release Quick Song or Oklahoma as a single You wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s written by Paul Huge, Robin Fünch, Ron „Buckethead” Tall or Solsh Casual fan wouldn’t as well of course
  5. Depends on a show. LA 06 is full of great performances and it doesn’t really have bad moments IMO. RAR on the other hand has moments where he sounds like dying cat but in that case you are right, in comparision with what he sounds like now, it creates an illusion that it’s good. But even in his prime he was very inconsistent. UYI era SCOM, from Tokyo for example, sounds terrible.
  6. I played WTTJ from RAR 06 to the casual fan and he said it’s the best WTTJ live he has ever seen
  7. No way he was shit in 2006. Fat since 2009 and shit since 2011 but he was enjoyable in 2016 especially with acdc. 2017-18 was like 2012 in terms of vocals. Since 2019 he is fat, lifeless and sounds worse than ever. And he moves like an elephant now, so fat he is.
  8. Yeah he really didn’t look THAT bad in 2018. In 2019 tho.. he was fat as hell.
  9. Yeah he really didn’t look THAT bad in 2018. In 2019 tho.. he was fat as hell.
  10. Axl wasn’t that fat in 2018 unfortunately. We need more 2019 and 2020 for more fat
  11. They didn’t manage to upload the video this week so let’s turn this thread to fat lyrics Chinese Obesity I only get fatter Gonna eat it by myself Said I only get fatter Gonna eat this dish with nobody else If they are cooking dinner For the brazilian family Waiting on a stomach flu To see my fatass defecation I’d like to order fries and steak Watch my hungry-angry face I’d like to add the milky shake My wishlist has no end, and you can’t hold on now Cause it would take a lot more food than you Have got in your garners EVEN WITH THE DOUBLE CHEESE More than you got to feed my belly, but you ain’t got no more time I only get fatter I’ll keep this dinner for myself I only get fatter I won’t share my food with nobody else My dinner takes a lot more time than you Have got for masturbation EVEN WITH MY DOUBLE CHIN More than you cook, the bigger my belly I gain 100 pounds every month I eat more than you cook, to feed the nation And my hunger still increase YOU THINK I GOT THE LIMIT OF FOOD IN MY MOUTH AND IF YOU’LL FEED ME ENOUGH I WILL DIE FOR MY GUT IT’S JUST A LITTLE WARM UP BEFORE BETA WILL BRING ME THE LUNCH AND IF MY CLIENT CARD EXPIRES TODAY THEN YOU’re out of job
  12. It could be cool, it would be a step in the right direction but Alex got so fat that we got barely any shots of him. Mix is terrible. If you don’t want your fat ass to be shown then get in shape or retire from touring fucking idiot
  13. The other forums are either delusional or boring or both. This is the best one ever. I love this place since the first visit. Thank you @John Bonham and all of you
  14. Alex Ross wanted DJ Ashba to stay. it was ashba decision to leave guns s rose sucks
  15. Oh no.. Fat Axl posts woke shit again He didn’t even postpone his tour, and he played a show during pandemic yet he is complaining on goverment. If the governments in the world were as fast as GNR in terms of giving us updates on situation with covid, we wouldn’t even know about the virus. Fuck you fat, shit, hypocritical, stepmom fucking, lazy, mickey cunt
  16. Fucking mojo and his pizza face friend Wanker. Imagine being such a loser that you have a forum where you speak with your other alt accounts and wasting a time to take down videos of a shit band with fat singer. What a pathetic, stupid cunts
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