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  1. It could be cool, it would be a step in the right direction but Alex got so fat that we got barely any shots of him. Mix is terrible. If you don’t want your fat ass to be shown then get in shape or retire from touring fucking idiot
  2. The other forums are either delusional or boring or both. This is the best one ever. I love this place since the first visit. Thank you @John Bonham and all of you
  3. Alex Ross wanted DJ Ashba to stay. it was ashba decision to leave guns s rose sucks
  4. Oh no.. Fat Axl posts woke shit again He didn’t even postpone his tour, and he played a show during pandemic yet he is complaining on goverment. If the governments in the world were as fast as GNR in terms of giving us updates on situation with covid, we wouldn’t even know about the virus. Fuck you fat, shit, hypocritical, stepmom fucking, lazy, mickey cunt
  5. Fucking mojo and his pizza face friend Wanker. Imagine being such a loser that you have a forum where you speak with your other alt accounts and wasting a time to take down videos of a shit band with fat singer. What a pathetic, stupid cunts
  6. Difference between what Slosh, Frank Richards, Towel Waver, Atlas, Fernando, Jarmo, Slash’s dad and Susan says is that everything that Susan said happened. El Hermano starts now
  7. It’s awesome Sad that he has to stick to the bloated poprap shit to make a living
  8. yep and @jeffisbell is a totally new user btw on your photo, track 13 has mckagan credited not tobias Youre getting lost in your own bullshit
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