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  1. He should quit twitter and make Instagram acc where he could post his fat photos and flirt with his fangirls, making Beta jealous It would be more entertaining than his woke political bullshit
  2. We should record this shit Record fat fucking versions of all CD songs then send that to all GNR members and people associated with this band I’m sure Solsh will laugh is ass off
  3. Cool Mixed feelings about removing mickey mouse, rick and sonic drive in but overally you did a good job
  4. Some moments are hard to sing along but still these are propably my favorite that I have done
  5. Scraped eeeeeh eeeh eeh EEEEEH eeeh EEEH eeh DO YOU WANT TO MAKE MY LUNCH I WON’T REFUSE DON’T YOU TRY TO EAT MY LUNCH I ONLY WANT YOU TO MAKE MORE Sometimes I feel like This world is a food for me Devour whole planet and still would feel so hungry SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE THERE’S NOTHING THAT’S STOPPING ME EVERYTHING’S EATABLE MY HUNGER IS UNSTOPPABLE So they convince you, my heart can’t make through I’m here to tell you that I’m MORE than they tell you Fat chorus Sometimes I feel like, my mouth is a one black hole Tons of food fades, and I still want to eat more and more SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE IT’S ALL OPENED UP FOR ME KFC IS ALL FOR ME MY ORDERS ARE UNCOUNTABLE No one can make me Eat vegetables I’ll eat some pizza cause fat makes me stronger CHORUS AND KFC SOLO Some may convince you, my heart won’t make through I’ll eat some pizza cause the fat makes me stronger FINAL FAT CHORUS
  6. I’m tired of reading shit about Izzy When people will understand that he just doesn’t want to be a part of this circus I can’t blame him for that Ask yourself if you’d like to share stage with fat Axl
  7. War Pigs Sweet Leaf Under The Sun Wicked World Fairies Wear Boots Into The Void Supernaut Behind The Wall Of Sleep N.I.B Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Sympthom of the Universe Spiral Architect Black Sabbath Hand Of Doom Snowblind Iron Man The Wizard Lord Of This World Children Of the Grave Paranoid
  8. I prefer GNR’s music by a country mile but I can’t deny that Metallica is far more entertaining these days. Youtube videos every week, S&M2, setlists changes, ’By request’ tour. And sometimes they even manage to release an album (last ones were mediocre at best but at least each one had 2-3 good songs). And Hetfield sounds way better than Axl Rose nowadays.
  9. Lol imagine a man who fucked Erin Everly, Stephanie Seymour, this swiss-brazillian chick, Sasha and propably Lana Del Rey, is now married to fat and old brazilian cunt. lol alex
  10. Cobain: A MOSQUITO, MY LIBIDO Edgy angst teenagers: That’s deep
  11. dave grohl is better than frank ferreira frank richards and solsh are both better than Turd Cubain every Alex’s woman was hotter than courtney love (except his brazilian stepmom) I choose AFD
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