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  1. BHS is amazing song My favorite is acoustic version, just Chris and acoustic guitar, beatiful GNR version is just terrible Axl sounds like shit and it’s one of the most disrespectful “tribute” covers I have ever seen. Guitar sounds messy, Richard’s solo is not that good at all, frank sucks and backing vocals also suck. Disrespectful is the best word to describe this atrocity of a cover
  2. It’s good that shitty pop star is performing rock and metal classics, he may introduce young people to better music. His vocals are very weak, he has a decent tone and rasp for rock music but he can’t keep long notes without using this terrible choking-on-a-cock vibrato and he often goes out of tune. Andrew Twat is C tier guitar player that looks like a fucking wanker and doesn’t belong on the stage with Slush and Chad Smith. All in all, good that popstars are trying to bring rock back.
  3. vibrato of that tattooed fag is annoying as fuck
  4. I made an edit to add link to official YouTube livestream War Pigs with Slosh starts around 2:17:30
  5. The only really good thing about this performance imo is Chad Smith on drums I'm not even a RHCP fan but this guy is a beast. As he is jamming sometimes with Slush and Doof I think he should replace Frank
  6. After Slush relapsed, he decided to assemble with Post Malone and Andrew Twat to make an unlistenable solo in the middle of War Pigs. http://www.instagram.com/tv/CJfdJweH1Dr/?igshid=199dftst0dyma 2:17:30
  7. So you didn’t hear the soundboard versions from Forum 2017 I can tell you - in good quality these songs are not listenable at all
  8. Locomotive (Obesity) is better but I enjoy Coma too, especially the last part And it doesn’t sound like thrash metal at all like wtf I’d understand if you said that it sounds like trash but definitely not thrash
  9. Amazing Band sounds very tight and Axl sounds better than ever thank you beta by take care of him
  10. Of course Sharon is a money grabbing, greedy bitch but tbh she’s a good manager. If Ozzy was too lazy to do a record or a show she’d beat the shit out of him Just imagine if Axl met someone with that character instead of fat brazilian cunt.. We would have a lot of GNR albums now
  11. Chinese Democracy is the best black metal album ever created
  12. Tbh I think it was better than most of 2019 shows. Still shit tho. One thing I have to give to Axl is that he gives all he got. You can clearly hear that he is pushing himself as much as he can and he goes for every high note, trying very hard. And that is also the sad point because his voice is gone and no matter how he tries it just doesn’t sound very good (that’s not saying much).
  13. It’s absolutely terrible Axl is so fat and his voice is so shot that it’s not even funny It’s just sad that people pay for this
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