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  1. That’s not because he wasn’t able to sound good, he wanted to sound like that
  2. Yeah I bet you can’t read or you didn’t read the whole post
  3. Don’t expect anything new when the tour is on. We can only hope for something in Vegas. But I doubt it. Axl is too fat, old, shit and mickey to debut brand new songs live.
  4. But I still hear old, fat, teethless woman who’s struggling with her breath Oh no wait.. It’s Axl Rose! Chorus is ok, verses sucks as much as YCBM or Coma
  5. Sadly, it happens only when he has to go on stage or work on new album
  6. Idk what they’re searching for here. myVagina is a place for delusional fags
  7. Isn’t it weird that he is sick everytime he has bad show? Because that means he is sick all the time for 2 years now. Maybe he has a problem with vitamin C in his organism?
  8. I mean.. this is GNR. Most of tracks for Chinese were ready in 2000 and he waited another 8 years to release it
  9. In Brasky we trust. Even if it’s not true you made my day. Love you
  10. Lol Alex Guys, holy shit. This is ridiculously bad. He is very fat, out of breath, and messing up with lyrics. This is near RIR2011 level but without raincoat and bumblecuck
  11. S&M2 was very nice. I enjoyed that propably better that first one. Day That Never Comes sounded great with orchestra.
  12. More he use his chest voice, less shitty it is but it still isn’t performance that I would show someone and say “Look how great they sound”
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