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  1. What about the thing Brasky called “biggest trade of all time”?
  2. Which whiskey Axl prefers? Irish or scottish? Did Slosh rerecord Soul Monster?
  3. Gonna call Pizza Hut Gonna eat in my house inside Gonna get the KFC There's not anymore that I can do All the fatness that you gave, I followed you But now your doors are closed due to corona virus And now I'm sitting hungry That'd be the end of time it's true Wouldn't be the first time I eat in home It could be the last time,cause you touched my mom With all the menu that you had Something didn't work so well
  4. That’s not saying much. He sounds like complete shit in NITL versions especially from 2017. He sounded like he was dying
  5. I found a rare footage of Axl Rose warming up on backstage, before hitting the stage in Mexico
  6. World is dying and Axl Rose is fatter than ever Where is Rick dunsford when we need leaks
  7. this song blows Sounds like an awful attempt to play in style of 80s rock Vocals sound like drunk guy in the karaoke bar S
  8. I hope they rerecorded Hardschool when they have recorded album with Ozzy, and now it has Chad Smith on Drums and Ozzy on vocals Fuck, imagine if they would release Hardschool as an Ozzy song, It would be the biggest fatcon 1 of all time
  9. Gonna find a way to cure covid nineteen Gonna find a way to go outside If I say that you’re my friend and our love will never end How long before you’ll wash your hands again I open up the door after I let you inside Because you were coughing in my bed But how can I protect you or try not to reject you When you don’t use disinfecting gel
  10. Bono recorded song for infected people. It would be cool but Bono sucks But I wouldn’t mind if Slosh with Fatxl released Atlas ‚for infected people from fat people’
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