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  1. Welcome to the gnr we are fat and shit we got everything you want but we keep it in the vault you got the hunger for new music but my singer has diabetes You can have anything you want But you only can get it from Rick
  2. I hate thesefat cunts. They are getting ridiculously high money from touring and they can’t even properly prepare for show. Axl voice and look is just embarrassing and Slash is phoning in and his solos are sloppy as fuck.
  3. Yeah I said Slash is full of shit but I believe he is not that stupid. You don't hear him talking shit like this about SMKC. It's just a cause of being slave of Brazilian Empire and eating Beta sandwitches
  4. Wait isn’t he and Duff on new Ozzy album? Isn’t it getting released in month? Maybe bring Andrew Twat or someone from this environment to Axl, if his people are fucking amateurs and their only ability is to lick his fat ass. Fuck you lazy fat cunts
  5. Fuck you Slush you are full of shit. With ShitMKC you know how to do it so don’t talk bullshit.
  6. Cause it would take a lot more food than you Have got for dinner Even with the double cheese More than you got to feed the nation I ate more for yesterday’s lunch
  7. Too hardshit and I think that it is here to stay Even Pepto-Bismol won’t help, anyway
  8. It isn’t friendly at all with his voice, ISE, WTTJ and Don’t Cry or sth like that would be passable
  9. Super Bowl will be a disaster and then they gonna return on tour with exact same set or new deep cut/cover. 2020 will be the fattest Axl year that he had yet. We won’t hear new music from this shit pathetic band.
  10. Fortus is watching someone else’s show during his own show, and Slash is playing Stairway To Heaven during Estranged. I can’t imagine how bored they are Axl you fat lazy cunt
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