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  1. He started turning into Dr. Eggman in 2009 He became Dr. Eggman in 2011 2016 is the birth of Geraldine Bailey
  2. Nowadays he is more often drunk than coked up. Very drunk and very bloated. Still aged better than Axl tho
  3. You are delusional. Slash is fat. Propably he weights more than Axl but he is taller and always had a bigger body structure than Axl. But he didn’t let himself go as much as Axl. Slash is a bit fat, Axl Rose is morbidly obese. If you call this a photoshop then you are full of shit
  4. Right? That makes it even worse for Axl
  5. Slash is fat but he looks healthier. Axl looks and sounds like he is about to have heart attack
  6. Yeah, especially when you realize that it is not photoshopped. He is that fat
  7. Axl shouldn’t sing high parts at all. His low register sounds decent but his falsetto is hard to listen to I don’t mind frank drumming tbh Fortus is either inaudible or too loud lol Overally I think it is cool, but Axl could do better if he sings verses lower
  8. Even though his face is photoshopped to be fatter and uglier still the worst thing is his hair
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