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  1. Atlas Hardschool State Of Grace Perhaps Me and My Elvis and I don’t care at all about the rest tbh even these ones I rarely listen to
  2. It was a great idea and great fun. Shows how great we are. Myvagina can suck
  3. Watcing Brigde School together was amazing. Looking forward to Golden Gods
  4. I enjoy Black Rain and Scream more. They aren’t like great albums or something but they are not bad at all. For example songs like Diggin Me Down. I don’t really see anything bad about this song. And it’s 100% better than Scraped or Riad N The Bedouins. His work is not as good as in his early years but it’s not trash
  5. He is right, and it was better than chinese democracy
  6. Well, Ozzy sounds and looks like Ozzy, Axl sounds like Mickey Mouse and looks like grandma so there is no contest Biggest difference is Sharon> Fat cunt Beta
  7. Btw this is the next thing that shows you how fat and shit and lazy Axl is. Slash and Duff are doing a lot of new music and GNR, which they are part of, is not releasing shit. I’d rather take albums on Ozzy’s last albums quality level than nothing. Fuck you Axl
  8. Ozzmosis is pretty good record too, his most recent work isn’t that good tho
  9. No he doesn’t lol Ozzy and Sabbath are great
  10. It propably looks like that Duff: Hey Boss, maybe we will try to work on some new songs? Axl: Ok, but you said you wanted new solo album Duff: Oh yeah, so we’ll work on it after I’ll end up doing my record? Axl: Yeah sure Duff ends work on Tenderness *Axl calling any musician that he know* Axl: Hey Ozzy I heard you want to do new album is it true? Ozzy: wushsua I don’t yyyy know propably yes Axl: Take my bassist, Duff wants to play with you Ozzy: Awesome ————- Duff: Hi Boss, so I am ready to record new GnR tracks when are we starting? Axl: No, you are recording with Ozzy, he wants you Duff: But I want to record an album with you not Ozzy.. Axl: This is a lifetime chance, go to Ozz, do your best, then we’ll sit to record an album Duff: Ok..
  11. Ozzy recorded album with Duff, RHCP drummer, and Andrew Watt (i dont know who is this guy) First Single is out:
  12. It was a great leg of tour. Not because band was great, of course. They were shit, but it brought a lot of laugh to me. This thread with all fat lyrics, Axl looking like angry hungry fat hamster with awful haircut and now falling on his ass... This band is so bad right now that I can only laugh at that.
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