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  1. Alt nation are a bunch of dickheads anyone but them
  2. Don't you Fucking idiot if you do that it could scare the leaker and we won't see anymore leaks
  3. Don't it could risk us not seeing anymore leaks
  4. The Mickey voice sometimes sounds like he is crying but just wish he re recorded it in 2010 then we would have had cd 2 quicker than expected
  5. Every unreleased song with vocals from the late 90s and early 00s should have been re recorded in 2010 with Axls complete rasp and no mickey
  6. Maiden are dogshit so just delete this thread and you will be doing everyone a favour
  7. Because of Fucking feminists that are most likely angry that someone has a band name called hookers and blow
  8. They recycle old videos and pass it off as new so fuck them
  9. Ok yeah Kevin is a dick he only went on there to show what he has and basically saying look what I've got and look what you haven't got yeah he is a dick
  10. It says he is worth Fucking 40 million after the NITL tour Axl must have paid him Fucking well
  11. I hear as we speak they are doing a cover of sweet home Alabama
  12. All of them except dizzy can Fuck off because dizzy is my man rock and roll ain't easy
  13. Just because I hate one person that is from a different ethnic background doesn't mean I am a racist and the other person also hates me does that also make him a racist?
  14. We don't hate nobody because of their origins now you are making things up as you go along the guy that made the joke is South American and South America isn't even a race so how is he racist? Just stop looking for arguments that you are going to lose and go back to the delusional myvaginaforum were you and all of your butt hurt buddies can complain about other people
  15. How do we know that you are not Rick dunsford?
  16. Wow what a little snake Rick dunsford has become like I said earlier he should have leaked this from the start
  17. What a Fucking retard Rick is he was never getting any money for the cds he should have just leaked them at the start anonymously and he wouldn't be snitching on people to save his own anus
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