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  1. Ok I've stopped let's just move on and I'm sorry ok I admit i wasn't funny at all
  2. Yeah apologised to about 6 people after and I haven't done anything after since so let's just not be dicks to each over and move on
  3. Ok the trolling was out of hand I have stopped being a dick ok
  4. Ok brasky let's put the past behind us and forget about it now is anything going to leak soon?
  5. Still up for a gangbang with you're boyfriend on saturday?
  6. I'm not fucking Thomas meadow I'm groundskeeper Willy from Aberdeen Scotland that is my real name
  7. I'm a cold heartbreaker fit to burn and I'll rip you motherfuckers hearts in two
  8. Why because im funnier than all of you retards combined?
  9. Because when someone is funnier than all of you then you want to ban him jealous bitch
  10. Ok then but please don't ban me for speaking my mind little pussy's
  11. Nobody I was really rude and I apologise deeply sorry everyone
  12. C'mon I apologise really sorry won't happen again I Fucking promise
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