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  1. It wasn't that close to being on the movie it was one of the producers asked for it then it was recorded then slash and duff sued Axl and it wasn't given to anybody
  2. It's most likely the live era vocals on that one if it ever leaks
  3. I thought it was a little disappointing with no rasp or buckethead solo but it is something that we didn't know existed until 7 weeks ago and some studio chat at the start shows you they were all in the studio playing it live and not recorded parts months apart from each over so it was nice to hear but a little disappointing
  4. Shut up it's perfect the way it is the vocals are cool and so are the lyrics
  5. Or maybe he was smoking some natural medicine with his spiritual advisor yoda
  6. Nah he sounds legit drunk in it maybe he recorded it at his Christmas party
  7. State of grace is obviously about heroin
  8. A bottle of buckfast most commonly known as in Scotland as a bottle of bucky
  9. A 14 year ? now that is weird shit
  10. We would rather have him fired but that's one way to get rid of him
  11. Ok anything else going to leak soon?
  12. Guns n roses called back they said go fuck yourself
  13. If anything else leaks and nothing is done about it we might see fernando's corpse being wheeled out after being brutally murdered by his uncle axl
  14. Hopefully axl will play everything that leaked this past month and say here's to my old friends the downloading motherfuckers
  15. Yeah I'm still talking to myself and nobody's home literally
  16. It was potentially saved for slash and duff to rework it
  17. Unfortunately for everyone the next album is going to be the spaghetti incident part 2 with the band covering black hole Sun. the seeker. whole lotta Rosie. Wichita linemen and many more covers
  18. Remember when dj posted photos of a Chinese platinum album and the funny thing is he didn't even play on it and acted like he wrote the whole Fucking record when he talked about it
  19. The only reason he didn't do magazine covers and interviews is because del James and beta told him not to so the only reason Chinese didn't sell well is because of del James and a psychotic Brazilian housekeeper
  20. Who do we believe? Nobody I guess because they all snake on each over and threaten each other
  21. Can someone remix the quality of the songs please
  22. That's not what ya momma was saying
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