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  1. It wasn't that close to being on the movie it was one of the producers asked for it then it was recorded then slash and duff sued Axl and it wasn't given to anybody
  2. It's most likely the live era vocals on that one if it ever leaks
  3. I thought it was a little disappointing with no rasp or buckethead solo but it is something that we didn't know existed until 7 weeks ago and some studio chat at the start shows you they were all in the studio playing it live and not recorded parts months apart from each over so it was nice to hear but a little disappointing
  4. Not if he finds out Fernando has been threatening families and children and Fernando has been lying to axl for years to save his own ass and making sure axl doesn't know about leaks and paying hoarders with axl's money not to leak shit so I find it hard for axl to forgive a piece of shit who puts threats against families and threating people over YouTube videos.I hope tb gets exposed for what they really are
  5. No I'm not I'm just interested in actual news and I have stopped that bullshit
  6. Maybe axl forgot to take his happy pills and found out the horrible truths about what team Brazil have been doing and might fire the fuck out of the leeches
  7. His name is Maynard what more evidence do you need to prove he is a pedo?
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