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  1. Say what you want, and sure, he's probably a fucking weirdo, but the only way we'll likely hear new GNR music ever again is through Rick Dunsford. Godspeed you lanky redneck. Godspeed...
  2. 2020 Axl is the Donald Trump of rock. That's not meant to be a compliment.
  3. 2016. Anything north or south of that from the last 10 years just bums me out. I actually dug the 2001-2007 lineups quite a bit. Since Chi Dem dropped, the only real thing of interest that's gone down is the 2016 reunion. Once that novelty wore off by 2017-18 they fell right into the same creatively impotent pitfalls that plagued the and from 2010-14. The worst thing a high profile rock band can do is become boring. Happened to Aerosmith, who I also adore, shortly after their 2001 Just Push Play album. Once you run out of creative juice and tour nonstop just for t
  4. I don’t know why, but watching my wife clean or do dishes makes me wildly horny.
  5. Gravity’s a bitch!
  6. Next Fernando chat someone should ask him to confirm that it’s true Stephanie Seymour humped the whole band in 92.
  7. Haha man Oh man this book embarrasses all of them so much
  8. I wonder if Steph fucked Slash too
  9. I love how embarrassed the big 3 must be hahahaha
  10. And probably the closest you'll ever hear to the truth.
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