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  1. I just played Atlas Shrugged at work and people came out of their cubicles and were dancing in the aisles. 😆 But seriously, it's a good track. Got a nice classic rock feel to it and I dig the synth and orchestration in the 2nd verse a lot. Not bad.
  2. Salsh? This tour is well on it's way to being the #2 biggest tour of all time and most of you mulleted, butthurt, losers here are so upset. Love it.
  3. Well sorry, I do have to agree with some of the gripes. Axl and Slash playing Sorry especially was the worst thing I've heard since Lulu. Axl for singing his blood sworn oath that he would never cave into a reunion situation while at the same time standing right next to the drooling, bumbling asshole he swore up and down he would die before talking to again. And then you have Slash just taking it up the ass like the bottom bitch he's reduced himself to being. It just was so off putting and gay. Aaaand there you go.
  4. This place in recent years seemed to be pretty well divided between those who swore they'd be cool if he just reunited with Slash, and those who couldn't wait for the next Chi Dem album, not to mention the few rare birds who wanted both. In 2016 all factions seemed to have collectively hit the "fuck it all" button, and couldn't enjoy themselves if Axl himself sent Rihanna and Pink to their house for a night of, well, yeah. Throwing around "fat shit Axl" and "cuck Slash" is an awfully odd way to spend a good chunk of your time on, you know, a GNR forum. To each his own I guess. It's a bummer because some of the posters here used to genuinely be fans who would be stoked about whatever news came our way. I check back from time to time, but haven't posted much because 80% of the threads are taken up by juvenile, nonsensical ramblings of what I assume to be grown men. Why bother?
  5. Even Mike Love and Brian Wilson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel together. Fucking pathetic shitshow this reunion is turning out to be. Says the guy who got into GNR because of the likes of fucking Bumblefoot. I don't get this forum anymore. Seems to be more or less a dumping ground for grumpy ex-fans, who aren't fans of much of anything anymore, but still come around like everyday to poke fun at GNR just for the lulz. Buncha regular Jay Lenos.
  6. Please take a moment and consider that your alternative was likely waiting around for DJ Ashba to put his "demented" touch on them.
  7. I think painting this as them "polishing turds" is an incredible overstatement. We have no idea what these songs sound like, especially after the inclusion of Slash and Duff. Only we do have an idea of what they sound like as Axl himself has proclaimed them to being very similar to what CD was. And when the album is on every retrospective "all time worst come back albums" list post 2008, I think it's pretty fair to label it an extension of a turd at the very least. Nobody wants more of that kinda shit, and releasing material of that vain (at least in terms of how the record sounded overall) with Slash and Duff "adding a bit of their own flavor" is a huge, colossal mistake. Eh, I'm going to do something that might seem completely crazy...Get this, I'm going to listen to the music first and then make my mind up about whether it's good or not. No use planting your flag in the ground this early.
  8. I think painting this as them "polishing turds" is an incredible overstatement. We have no idea what these songs sound like, especially after the inclusion of Slash and Duff.
  9. I agree that Slash is putting his stamp on material that Axl already has vocals completed for ("Chinese era"). To be fair, it's not just a hunch. Someone connected told me as much. With that said, this same person also stated that Slash, Izzy, and Duff are working on several brand new tracks that are being sent to Axl. Depending on where you stand, best of both worlds, I'd guess. It'd be nice if Slash, Duff and perhaps Izzy got some writing credits on the next album. It'd be a little odd to see only Rose, Tobias, Sinson etc. all credited on the album if Slash appears on it. Then again, I'd be thrilled to hear Slash's guitar under Axl's vocals no matter who writes the song(s).
  10. When did Izzy start tweeting? Looks like today he set it up. Says he's not currently writing for GNR and, as of right now, is not involved in the April shows. Bummer.
  11. I know this isn't a popular opinion, but if I had to guess, I would say Slash is likely putting his mark on what would have been the next "Chi Dem Era" album, rather than putting together original compositions with Duff and Axl. That is, if there is any truth to this, and I honestly think there might be. You have to figure that if Axl had an album more or less ready to go, and considering his snails pace when it comes to recording vocals, that this makes the most sense if they're serious about putting out new music "soon".
  12. Agree with all of this. Classic Rock is reporting that Slash is recording for GNR as we speak. Never thought I'd live to see Slash and Axl on the same stage again, let alone on a record. Too much awesome.
  13. You know, I've always been a Chi Dem apologist, but I have to say that those two moments were really the only two times in the last 6 years where my eyes shot open and I smiled. Great moments, both.
  14. Thx for updating JB. Will be at the 2nd Vegas show and most certainly Chicago.
  15. Per Eddie Money at MyGNR, it looks like Chicago is getting 4th of July weekend at Soldier Field, and in your neck of the woods Foxboro is slated for early August. My mullet will be PERFECT by then...
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