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  1. After reading so many of your post I just fell over laughing! You poor simple minded fuck! 😂😂😂😂 Keep replying it's priceless!
  2. You need more colors! He is simple minded and it takes flashy shit to get his attention!
  3. Is that all you got? The sad attempts you make trying to talk shit are hilarious but very sad as well. You talk a lot about fathers and dick are you trying to tell us about your past? If so they have people you can pay that will listen to your sad childhood stories of your father banging you in the dirt. It may help you in the long run to get it out 😂😂😂😂😂 Ragnar I found your 1st school photo!
  4. Lol when you get clearly described as and who you are you just dribble babble like a moron. Thank you! Now I truly know your a very unintelligent rerun! When your done crying and trying to talk shit which you constantly FAIL at doing please have your mother tie your shoe laces so you do not trip and bash your head making you even dumber than you already are! Also I think you still have a little seman still on your cheek that was not a popsicle maynard let you lick!
  5. Ragnar went crying to mods? 😂 Anyone who needs a mod for hurt feelings anywhere on the net is a straight up BITCH! Get mad talk all the shit you want you will forever be know as a PUSSY!!!!
  6. Sounds to me like you have a man crush. Maybe you should join the www.wesuckedofforince.com forum? Prince had some good songs but it's all a matter of musical taste. You can argue he is better all you want it's just an opinion hell there are people out there who think Ted Nugent is better than Prince and they would be wrong also... 😂😂😂😂
  7. Well Axl is still alive and the other well he is dead and gone. It's a matter of opinion. Not knocking Prince but here you all are talking about Axl on a GNR forum not a Prince forum...
  8. I may have been the one to set him off that day. I had not been in the forum in awhile so I went I there and compared liberals to retarded inbreds with a few simple images and low and behold I finally got that account jdfdemocracy1979 banned.
  9. I actually like bring it back home.
  10. Im curious to hear the clip...
  11. Ummm no no no never name an album after what a man shoots on a woman. That's all that album is a load wiped off someones face.
  12. Anyone who voted for anything after the self titled album should be euthanized!
  13. TWAT has always been number one for me. Atlas 2019 has me hooked I play it on repeat now. Atlas 2017 I have never heard it 😕 so I have no opinion. Prostitute is amazing! Right up there with TWAT. I remixed it with just vocals piano and extra and it soothes my soul. CITR final version on the album kinda shit compared to 99 version with May in it. The Blues and This I love for me just suck..... But that's just my opinion on them.
  14. When you're finished I would love to hear it!
  15. Im going by the characters not the actual actors 🤣
  16. One hell of a soundtrack if you ever have time to check them out. These are a few I have on repeat on my playlist lately!
  17. You just had to ruin that song for me. Now I will have that thought and hate the song now
  18. I've never heard a version that was good. 🤘
  19. Still loving Atlas out of them all!
  20. You cant really compare them they are b)night and day. Now after listening to Atlas on the marshall woburns in the house a few times, it has me locked in and sounds pretty damn good. When I was running it through a half ass head set or on my phone it was crap but now I fucking love it!
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