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  1. No zodiac with vocals 😡 Not sure if soul monster is me and my elvis. I'm slightly in retard mode.
  2. Well while I wait for something great to leak I will fix that god damn part of sog where it glitches.
  3. They hopefully will just leave the kitchen open and we can have what ever we want till it's all empty!
  4. Peace is over rated eventually someone gets borred and will end up shitting in the others sandbox just for fun 🤘 wait and see 🤣
  5. @Bill BraskyThat's a more accurate version of Dadud taking the high road 🤣🤣 His minions love the taste of his cock they stay so close nursing off their mama.
  6. Zodiac with vocals will kick ass! I started listening to it and thought my head phones where all fucked up and then MAGIC!!!!! 🤘
  7. Where can we find said leak 😁
  8. Rapping axl is awesome 🤘 replace the mac daddy parts with screams and growls and the haters would love eye on you. Rapping Axl
  9. It's actually catchy to me! I like it switch out who's the mac daddy part with guitars or angry growls from Axl and the song would grab all the haters.
  10. Now I'm interested. I loved going down with Axl on backing vocals I was just irritated that the quality of that demo was pretty rough.
  11. The long silence, maybe nothing but we can hope......
  12. I dont like shit getting nailed fast I like hearing new music 🤣🤘
  13. Cause mygnr is shit! Just because someone kisses your ass does not make them any less of a piece of shit! I think or hope he knows what a shit hole that forum has become!
  14. Apperantly you care you keep replying with long drawn out bullshit replies if tuck your tail and sit in your cage! Keep replying like a jack ass untill you have something intelligent to say. Is that the best dribble you can come up with try a little harder like your uncle did when you where younger!
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