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  1. Are your a fucking moron??? Why would I be MSL or a cronie? When I was talking to Rick he said it would be funny if it was on discord, i dont know how to log into that. So thank you for assuming stupid shit! Yeh I'm fucking far from anything near MSL retard! Maybe you are one of his boys getting all bent up! Kinda shitty you put me in that realm call me anything you like I can take a joke but being associated with tons of fun is a pretty shitty thing to do.
  2. As long as you enjoy that's all that matters it just made me cringe kinda like atusic knocking on heavens door..
  3. It's my specially made present to the fat fuck!
  4. If you wana have some fun please drop this in the discord for msl!
  5. That is HORRIBLE!!!!! Evader made the best remix of better!!!!!!
  6. Is Gibbo the same one that admins for mygnr?
  7. I dont have permission to see this πŸ˜‚
  8. It's the Autistic version not Acoustic!
  9. 1. StateOfMotherFuckinGrace! 2. Atlas 3. Perhaps 4. Hardschool 5. Going Down 6. Silkworms 7. KOHD AUTISTIC version
  10. Yep you are correct I was hoping the demo sounded like the Rio version. But its all good we have state of grace 🀘
  11. Hmmm I liked the slow paced version they did live when ever someone wants to help me out I'll give it a lot of airplay today 🀘
  12. Dont know have yet to hear that one but I'm all for giving it a listen 😁 have not been disappointed yet!
  13. I did not get to properly listen to everything yesterday being trapped at work πŸ˜– Now that I have a little free time S.O.G. is fucking amazing!
  14. What are you using to listen to it???
  15. Wanna be our hero and fix it 😁. You know you're loved and missed by so so many of us!!!!!
  16. I go to work and more shit breaks 🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘
  17. Anyone wanna help me out?????
  18. I'm very sure if they put out a new record with the guys they have and tweaked leaks we have heard it would break numbers on the charts!
  19. This is for a great cause! If anyone is interested in a Chicago lithograph here you go limited to 25 from the original artist. http://giventolive.bigcartel.com/product/guns-n-roses-chicago-print
  20. But he brings it on himself and it's so damn funny. He dishes out but sure can not take it. πŸ˜‚
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