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  1. Well shit inhale to go to work I hate missing fireworks!
  2. Have you heard said later versions?
  3. The only time I ever catch hell is when I buy a lot of merch. In hindsight she has a very valid point. When locked n loaded was announced I was one of the suckers who paid full price.🤬 One hell of a woman I must say!
  4. Fuck anyone selling tracks! When the band releases a new album I will buy that!
  5. I do not have anymore time to mess with them my 4 month old is keeping me on my toes, the revamped hardschool I sent you was the last I'm messing with. S.O.G where it seams to glitch @ 1min 20 some seconds is still makes me cringe a little.....
  6. What all have you raped so far??
  7. Yeh but I understand all the lyrics 100% now!😂
  8. Personally I dig atlas on this disc and Perhaps!!!!
  9. Oh yes now all I need is disc 2 3 4 and the rebel analog and I'm set and happy!!!! Great time to be a gnr fan! I really hope the do an ep and new album within the next 2 years.
  10. I'm only interested in disc 1-4 and The Rebel- direct analog.
  11. Yeh I'll skip it I'm only interested in songs with vocals I haven't heard.
  12. How different are the versions of atlas????
  13. Why do clips why not just full tracks? I also thought the general was on the disc so there should be 3 left unless I'm wrong......
  14. We want The General 🤘 or Zodiac with vocals which I'm not sure is out there....
  15. There is also an instrumental of zodiac with bucket!
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