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  1. Not by chairman. I think there are pros to every track leaked music is a matter of taste I have not heard a track I hated. They are all demos so they all have their value for what they are 😁
  2. So P.R.L is out now, disc 2 track Lately Dummy from disc 3 is my fav instrumental but that keeps changing the more I listen to each of them.
  3. Robin Finck did a song Saying Goodbye for a movie called Negative. Billbrownmusic is who put the soundtrack together. Best solo work from Robin I have ever heard. I play this often on repeat.
  4. Pizza bread. Bake loaf of garlic bread Brown Hamburger and sausage mix in sauce Cut bread in half fill it up layer, pepperoni over it. Then add slices of provolone cheese, cover that with mozzarella shredded cheese. Broil it to seal it in and its ready!
  5. Yep bucket is on the locker leaks not all the tracks though instrumentals yes.
  6. It's kinda like watching you woman get ready to go out boring as fuck!
  7. I'm content when disc 2 is dropped after that I'm all good 😘
  8. So maybe beating a dead horse but is disc 2 a no go? Why release all except disc 2????
  9. Eye on you has gotten better 😉 since I mixed it with Morgan Freeman in tune with the movie Seven... 🤘
  10. I am hooked on it. I will admit it is a slow show. I need to go back and rewatch all seasons of Hannibal and also True Detective series. Season 1 of True Detective may be my fav show!
  11. After listening to Nothing for a bit it finaly clicked. It reminds me of Mr. Bungles California album. I'm the weird one who hopes this track gets finished I love this unfinished funky love track.
  12. You're forgetting This I Love.. I do have a spot in my heart for half the CD tracks.
  13. Under the underpass. Next to the box full of halloween mask and crusty towels. You will notice a trail of skittles leading to the box with a sign in front that reads all gods children are welcome.
  14. I never claimed anything I have done was some shiny gem. Then again you have never heard anything I have done 😉 yet you complain.. But thank you for always dropping your input. 👍
  15. I have always enjoyed your remixes!
  16. Lately Altered Carbon Shameless American version. Aquarius Dark Mindhunters The Deuce Banshee Peaky Blinders I know it's not TV but El Camino is going to be bad ass! I can not wait to watch when it hits!
  17. Not really a nice try more like pointing out an error 😉
  18. Who is jfd? What has you all angry today? Ragnar not gentle with you last night?
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